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The Healthy University Strategy has evolved from the bottom up with commitment from all parts of the University, including the Students Union and is very much informed by the staff and student voice. The strategy largely developed out of a series of staff and student 'road shows' and other consultation opportunities which were held throughout 2015/16.

As a Healthy University, we aim to develop a socially cohesive, environmentally responsible and all inclusive work and study environment which looks to engage staff, students and the wider community. 

The Strategy, covering the period 2016-20, includes the following three core aims: 

  • Social Responsibility – Contribute to a fairer society through enhancing the impact of interactions with our local, regional and international communities
  • Environmental Efficiency – Embed environmental sustainability as a core organising principle across all activities
  • Health and Wellbeing – Create an environment where individuals are inspired and supported to perform to the best of their abilities, and in doing so, contribute to the University's aims, values and success. 


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