​How will I receive my scholarship?

The EPIC partnership is responsible for paying out the scholarships to the students and staff. Payments are made on a regular basis, generally on a monthly basis, and will be transferred directly to your bank account. The distributor of the grant will be confirmed in the Student / Scholarship Agreement that you will receive and complete prior to starting your mobility.

What does the EU-METALIC scholarship cover?

The EPIC scholarships will cover travel expenses (one return journey from your home to your host institution), insurance (travel, health, accident), tuition fees (where applicable), and a monthly subsistence allowance. For details of the exact amount click here.

How are travel expenses calculated?

The amount of travel costs is based on a fixed sum depending on the distance between on the one side the home university (for Target Group 1), location of origin (for Target Group 2) or location of residence (for Target Group 3) of the student/staff and on the other side the hosting university premises. This amount will be confirmed in your Student / Scholarship Agreement.​

How do I apply for a visa?

Once you have received an official nomination letter from the EPIC Project Team and you accept this offer, you will have to apply for a visa in your home country by contacting the embassy of your chosen host country. The official Contact Person at the Host University will be able to advise you on the immigration procedures and can provide you with any supporting documentation required for the visa application process.
Please Note: Visa processing times can be lengthy; therefore you must begin the visa application process as soon as you receive and accept your Nomination for a EPIC Scholarship.

Will I receive insurance cover for the duration of my mobility?

Yes, you will be covered by a complementary travel, health and accident insurance which will be organized and directly paid by the EPIC Partnership. The full documentation will be sent to you home address prior to your departure.

What services can I expect to be offered to me by my host institution?

Host Universities are required to provide practical information and assistance to advise students/staff during pre-arrival stages and to then provide logistical services to aid you settle in to the new environment. Services provided may include, immigration advice, linguistic support in the form of language courses, information on housing facilities, and information on social activities and orientation programmes

How does the selection process work?

After the deadline, your application will pass through an Eligibility Check to see whether it fulfils all necessary requirements (nationality, language, mandatory documents, etc​.). After passing this check, the application will then proceed to the Assessment of Academic Quality (please see Selection Criteria ).
The graded applications will then be passed to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee for call 1, round 1 met in March/April to do the final selection of the EPIC scholarships following the criteria of academic merit and the cross-cutting requirements of equal opportunities, gender-balance and real participation of disabled and socio-economically disadvantaged people. The Selection Committee for call 1, round 2 will meet in June/July. The home and host universities will be notified of the final selection of scholarships to confirm the list of selected applicants. The Coordinating University will issue Nomination Letters to the successful candidates. The candidates must then accept or reject the offer of scholarship within 7 days.

When will I find out the outcome of my application?

Following the above 3-stage selection process, we aim to issue Nominations for Cohort 1 scholars by the end of December 2013.

Following the above 3-stage selection process, we aim to issue Nominations for Cohort 2 scholars by the beginning of February 2014.​

How can I find out about or get in contact with previous EPIC Scholars?

Please visit the EPIC Alumni page on the website where soon you will be able to interact with previous and current Erasmus Mundus Scholars. There is also a dedicated EPIC Facebook Group which can put you in contact with previous and potential applicants.​