Ellie Conniford

Ellie Conniford


Type of outward mobility: 

Cardiff School of Art and Design Short Term Mobility university field visit

Host university/country: 



‘As a Textiles undergraduate, through this trip I gained a greater understanding of the quality in which a handmade product can obtain. It inspired me to research harder into topics and to prototype ideas thoroughly to insure the best outcome. The details put into Palaces, Riads and Handicrafts, for example, were exquisite. I got to spend time with students from different areas of the art schools and see how they work and collect information which has opened my mind to different ways in which I can display my research and work.

Although I enjoyed field working in university this experience was by far the best. Getting to know the students on my course more as well as other students was great! I loved being able to see the different ways different students interpret images and scenery onto paper and the different medias used. For example, illustration students tended to draw in fine liner and in great detail which I have never done before. I can now translate into free hand embroidery!’ ​