Mandy Davies

My Life in Nantes

This Global Opportunity has been an incredible experience for me to live and experience life in Nantes, France.  The lessons are all taught in English and offer a great in-depth knowledge to Retail and Interior Design. The class is made up of international students from all over the world.  We are not only experiencing the French culture but learning that of all out fellow students.

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, it is a very inclusive group, all helping each other.

I have chosen to live in the centre of the city where I can easily immerse myself into the lifestyle as much as I can including cycling around the on my bike, shopping in the local farmers markets for my fresh food, all carried out in French of course!

The time is passing by so quickly and I will be sure to enjoy every moment. I am so glad I took the chance and made it happen. Such a life changing part of my education to date.