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Research Centres and Groups



Research Centres

Research activities at the School are organised into both research centres and research groups. Our centres include:​

The Welsh Centre for Tourism Research (WCTR)

The WCTR is one of the Cardiff Metropolitan University's recognized centres of research excellence producing world-leading and internationally excellent research. The WCTR is committed to theoretically-informed research and consultancy that engages with practice and policy. Research Leader: Dr Nic Matthews

Value Flow Centre (VFC)

The VFC undertakes applied research and application of Contemporary Operations and Management Paradigms (COMPs) to process and supply chain improvement. These COMPs include Lean Thinking, Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean Six Sigma and Agility.  Research Leader: Professor Mark Francis

Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre (CLEC)

CLEC delivers top class leadership training to the future leaders of both private and public sector organisations. It also carries out research projects on local enterprise and SMEs. Amongst the flagship programmes it delivers is the 20Twenty Leadership Programme. Research Leader: Professor Brian Morgan.

Research Groups

Alongside the established Research Centres the School has a number of Research Groups. These groups consist of highly active research teams which undertake focussed research in specific areas of study. The Research Groups Include:

Public and Third Sector Research Group (Research Leader - Dr Lyndon Murphy)

The Public and Third Sector Research Group (PATS) is focussed on management and governance issues across the public sector at national and local levels and, encompasses specific research interests in; central and local government, higher education, health sector management, political economy, criminal justice, collaborative working and public policy development. Its research rationale is theory-driven but with a clear commitment to the generation of contemporary empirically derived work.

PATS aims to foster collaboration between academic, policy maker and practitioner communities. It will seek to enable public sector managers and policy makers to learn the key lessons from existing and emerging public management and public policy research and, to contribute in particular to the research and policy communities in Wales through the development of key research outcomes, educational opportunities and consultancy programmes.

Applied Engineering & Management Research Group (Research Leader - Professor Andrew Thomas)

The Applied Engineering and Management Research Group focusses its research on the application of management tools and techniques such as Six Sigma and Forensic Engineering methodologies to resolve engineering problems and improve complex engineering systems. The group also aims to improve business performance through re-engineering business systems and to improve operational, production and supply chain effectiveness.

Renewable Energy Systems Research Group (Research Leader - Dr Rachel Mason-Jones)

The Renewable Energy Systems Research Group undertakes research in to the supply chain mapping of renewable energy systems. Its focus is on developing effective supply chain systems through the mapping of the supply chain dynamics within the renewable energy sector and, through work with its collaborative partners such as Cardiff University and Swansea University, develops supplier development strategies to enable companies to effectively contribute to renewable energy supply chains.

Economics Research Group (Research Leader - Dr Ramakanta Patra)

The Economics Research Group (ERG) consists of researchers with research interests spanning from Applied Microeconomics with Health and Labour Economics, Applied Macroeconomics with DSGE Modelling, Economics of Crime, Economics of Education, Economic Geography, Energy Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization and Time Series Analysis. We are a group committed to producing quality research. Our mission is to develop into a centre of excellence in the UK producing internationally excellent and world leading research in economics and related fields. We are also committed to collaboration across discipline and across universities. We realize that economics has use in every discipline of thought and economics also benefits from research done in every discipline. As a part of our research efforts we run regular school seminars where we invite leading researchers in the field. For a list of past and upcoming speakers, please refer to our seminar page.

Much of our research is multidisciplinary, often carried out with researchers from other university faculties and knowledge networks around the world.