BioAI & BioEngineering Lab

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The Bio-AI Labs explores the interface between the biosciences, AI and robotics. Building upon the EUREKA Robotics Centre's expertise as one of the 11 specialist centres in the UK with access to cutting-edge robotics facilities, the Bio-AI Lab's research encompasses two broad strands: (1) developing and applying intelligent computational tools to solve biomedical problems, and (2) investigating fundamental biological principles to inspire the design of next-generation AI and robotic systems.

Current projects include research into:

  • The development of novel visualisation and analysis tools for neural connectomes and biological signalling pathways.
  • Disease ontologies, classification and staging systems, with a particular focus on the pathologies of ageing.
  • Automated tools for assessing and optimising the cryopreservation of biological samples.

    The work of the lab has been supported by the Norn Group (Longevity Impetus Grant), the Fulbright Commission, the Foresight Institute, and the UKRI.