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As one of the flagship research clusters at the Cardiff School of Technologies, EUREKA Robotics Centre is the innovative research hub nested in the School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University, serving Wales and global stakeholders. EUREKA has the meaning of “exclamation of satisfaction on discovering something, solving a problem, finding a solution with fun and engaging experience”:


Partnering with Wales, England and international collaborators from companies and universities, the Centre is specialising in Service and Social Humanoid Robotics, with the below research strands and expertise: 

  1. RobotiCare Lab for healthcare and hospitality
  2. STEAM Lab for STEM with arts; an Intelligent Robot (IR) Maker Lab for 3D design and printing robots
  3. Autonomous Robotics Lab: fundamental machine learning and applied AI for mobile robots and ROV/AUV
  4. BioAI Lab: the interface between biosciences, AI and robotics

Grounding on the machine learning techniques and data visualisation & analytics capabilities, the Centre aims to educate and R&D robot applications to the real world, from the world-class research inquiry and education innovation.

Director and Founder of the Centre
Dr Esyin Chew
Reader in Robotics & Educational Technologies
Deputy Director of the Centre
Dr Barry Bentley
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Deputy Director of the Centre
Dr Wai-Keung Fung

Senior Lecturer in Robotics Engineering

Co-Head of the Centre & Lead of the STEAM Lab
Dr Sia Chow Siing
Senior Lecturer in Data Science 

Further news on Twitter @eurekarobot and EUREKA Youtube Channel


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RobotiCare Lab

Healthcare and Hospitality

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Autonomous Robotics Lab
Machine learning for mobile robots and ROV/AUV
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Intelligent Robot Maker Lab 
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BioAI Lab
The interface between biosciences, AI and robotics
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