Cardiff School of Technologies Degrees

All Cardiff School of Technologies degrees are designed to encourage students to function as autonomous learners, embodying computational thinking and real world analysis and modelling skills for employment in the evolving digital world.

You will be taught by computing and IT experts - both academic and practitioners - providing insights into their research or business activity. A network of experts provide specialist knowledge and might be invited as guest speakers, to facilitate an interactive workshop or to provide real-world problems for assessments.

All graduates are able to contextualize their study in a broader technical and societal perspective and are well equipped in both core professional and ethical competences and ready to take up their roles within the multidisciplinary workplace. 

To strengthen the bond with potential employers there are opportunities for students to gain work experience as part of their course through Work Based Learning modules in year two of all degrees. These allow students to complete either a year out on placement, a summer placement or a 15 day (minimum) placement during the academic year. Such placements have been instrumental in placing the academic studies in context as well as reinforcing learning objectives and have the additional benefit of exposing students to potential employers.


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