EUREKA's Leadership Training & CSR

EEUREKA Robotics Lab's Effort to Combat COVID-19

EUREKA's Leadership Training

By joining EUREKA Robotics Centre, Cardiff School of Technologies, the following are the focus area for the Internship: EUREKA Leadership programme with social enterprice in addition to the day-to-day PhD / MSc / MBA / MEng-BEng / BSc projects for fundamental or applied AI investigation, with prototype robotics R&D:
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Wellbeing and resilient
  • Character development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Self-motivation and success
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Social media and press presence
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • International mobility opportunities and networking
At EUREKA, we are looking to provide our interns with the necessary skills to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, the contacts to build an effective support network and to understand what is required to be successful in robotics field.
You will be supervised by at least one EUREKA academic expert for the agreed research. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

1. STEM workshops for EDI, girls and underprivilledged pupils in Wales and Malaysia. 

2. Social Enterprise - commercialisation of EUREKA services and AI. Kindly contact Jack Yang for further details: 

3. Robots as Learning Tools for Refugees and Internally Displaced Children


Pakistan is currently undergoing an education emergency

It is home to over 1.5 million refugees (4th largest number of refugees in any country), mostly displaced by the war in Afghanistan
It is among the countries hit hardest by the climate crisis (8th on the Climate Risk Index). Flash floods in 2022 displaced 6.4 million people and destroyed 18,500 schools.
Many of the refugee and internally displaced children are not able to complete even basic education.
As a Charles Wallace Visiting Fellow, Ehsam is studying how robots can be used by flood and war affected children to continue (and enhance) their education. 

Kindly contact Dr Shadan Khan Khattak for further details:

EUREKA's Effort to combat COVID-19: 

  1. Air Disinfection Atomizor Robot and UV +Negative Ion Generator Air Disinfection Robot- welcome to contact us for the demo and purchase.
  2. Healthcare Robotics as a Service (HRaaS) project funded by the Welsh Government (2021-2022).
  3. Robot EUREKA for tele-care, remote visit and Christmas Carol in COVID-19 ward and elderly homecare (2021-2022):
    1. Video 1and Video 2 for initial experiences.
  4. MetMind Chatbot: A chatbot towards covid anxiety support, developed by William Thomas (2021)
  5. Coronavirus: Epidemic Preparedness and Control with Robot Nightingale and Robot Almeida- Get Started Grant (2020)
  6. 3D designed and 3D printed face sheild/visors/masks (2020). Read more about Zyad Reda's experience of designing and 3D printing face shields for NHS workers. 
  1. Aveen Najm: My robotics Internship with Computer Science at Cardiff Met
  2. Zyad Reda: 3D Printing Face Shield for NHS workers with Computer Science at Cardiff Met

EEUREKA Robotics Lab's Effort to Combat COVID-19

  1. Virtual Eureka Eisteddfod Roboteg - RoboticsExpo (FREE Event): STEM demo for primary school kids.
  2. COVID-19 healthcare educational campaigns for the public:
    1. JD for Mental Health during the COVID-19 Lock down
    2. Well-being Home JD Robot
    3. NAO Robot for COVID-19 Healthcare Campaigns

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