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Epidemic Preparedness and Control with Care4URobot funded by Get Started Grant (2020-2022) 
Robot Nightingale and Robot Almeida - Care4U
Chew E., Lee PL., Hu S. & Yang J. (2021) Investigating the First Robotic Nurses: Humanoid Robot Nightingale and Partners for COVID-19 Preventive Design, MESROB Conference, University Hospital Basel, Basel,  Switzerland, 7-9 June 2021. 

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

Robotics for Elderly Care & Mental Health, Speech Rehabilitation, Play Specialist Modeling  
Dr Esyin Chew, David Hu, Jack Yang, Aveen Najm & Linh Thuy Dong

Prototype model of Polygenic-weLLbeing (PLL) Robot on trial: 
In-house controlled Environment - Pilot test 1.jpeg

Multi-lingual Humanoid Robotics for Hospitality with Service Intelligence
Teams: Jack Yang and Dr Esyin Chew

Robotics for Hospitality research and innovation (2019)

  1. Yang J. & Chew, E. (2020) “Intelligent Service Robots to enter the Hospitality Industry: Job Termination or Gospel to Waiters”, 3rd UK RAS Conference 2020: ‘Robots into the Real World‘, University of Lincoln, 17th April 2020. 
  2. Yang, J. & Chew, E. (2020) A Systematic Review for Service Humanoid Robotics Model in Hospitality, Springer International Journal for Social Robotics.  (Impact Factor 3.168; indexed by JCR & Scopus, within the top 20 of Google Robotics publication)

Read more about the details here: 

  1. Wales’ ‘first robotic waiter’ pays a visit to Cathays café. 
  2. A Cardiff restaurant is employing robot waiters–should we be worried?
  3. Robot EUREKA GEN-1 Pilot test 

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

Bi-lingual (English and Thai) Robot for British Council Thailand Science Fair (Aug 2019)
Team: Pawr Dip, Dr Esyin Chew and British Council Thailand

Robot Richard Parks meet Thai Ministers of Science and Technology, and British Council Thailand Country Manager.& Click here for further information.

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

Please find further details on EUREKA Youtube Channel: RobotiCare Lab. 

Healthcare as a Service Framework (2022-2023) funded by the Welsh Governmenet

PI: Dr Esyin Chew; Partners: Cardiff & Vale Health Board, Durffryn Manor, ALTY Hospital and Robotics manufacturers. RAs: Sarah Mcvey, David Hu Shuyang, Jack Yang Jiaji & Aveen Najm. 

Click here to learn more. 

UV disinfection robot on trial at Cardiff Met and Cardiff & Vale Health Boad with healthcare assistants: 


Healthcare assistant.jpg

Healthcare robots on trial for director of nurse, consultants, and microbiologists, carers and admin staff in the lab or at the real-fields: 




Chatbots with Machine Learning
Team: William John Rhys Thomas, Joshua Scott Coles & Dr Simon Thorne 
MetMind Chatbot: A chatbot towards covid anxiety support, developed by William Thomas (2021)

Robotic Arms for Well-being and Aesthetic Drawing

Robotics for Tourism and hospitality (WCTR)
Team: Dr. Kasha Minor and Dr EmmetMcLoughlin

Minor K., McLoughlin E., Richards V. (2021) Enhancing the Visitor Experience in the Time of COVID 19: The Use of AI Robotics in Pembrokeshire Coastal Pathway. In: Wörndl W., Koo C., Stienmetz J.L. (eds) Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2021. Springer, Cham., pp 570-577.

Bi-lingual (English and Welsh) Robot Concierge at Kizuna and Tanabata Exhibition
Funded by Cardiff School of Technologies and National Museum Cardiff
Team: Dr Esyin Chew, Dr Simon Thorne, David Shuyang Hu, Corinne Ngandu, Cairen Zhou.

Robot Richard Parks meet Thai Ministers of Science and Technology, and British Council Thailand Country Manager. Click here for further information.

Press: Cardiff Met HumanoidRobots greet guests at National Museum Cardiff

Hu, S.Y. & Chew, E. (in press) Design and Experimental Research Based on NAO Robot in Museum, ACM International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM 2020).

EUREKA Robot NightingaleEnglish only eureka.png

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