STEAM Hub with an IR Maker Lab

STEAM Hub: Intelligent Robot Maker Lab 


We advise schools and colleges to setup AI Maker lab through robotics and innovative design to prepare the next generation for Industrialisation 4.0 with robotics for education. We have delivered over 300 STEM and STEAM-H Robotics workshops for schools and healthcare sector in Wales, England, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand between 2017-present.  


We deliver the introductory 500-years history of robotics public seminars, and hands-on robotic programming workshops for primary and secondary schools throughout the academic year and term break. All STEAM Lab programmes aims to promote the interdisiplinary and creative education, putting an "A" (Arts) within the STEM.  In addition, we can host See Science-funded Teachers CPD and British Council funded academic placements to visit EUREKA Robotics Centre for training. As STEM Ambassadors for Wales, we deliver yearly robotics competitions for schools across Wales to enhance the STEAM education amongst young people, particularly girls.

STEAM Hub and IR MAker Lab Youtube Playlist. 

Please contact Dr Chow Siing Sia (, Aveen Najm (; Lisa Fenn (, Alexandra Nita ( for further details of the STEM workshops and Teacher CPDs. 

The Alan Turing Institute funded Public Engage Grant Award (2022)
Team: Dr Sia Chow Siing, Dr Barry Bentley and Dr Esyin Chew
  1. Robots at the Castle workshop for 20 girls! (Nov 2022)
  2. PIE 4 Women in Healthcare workshop at the Village Hotel (Nov 2022)
  3. Public Impact for Cardiff Chinese Youth Community with EUREKA Robots Roadshows (Nov 2022)
  4. Website of the Engagement Grant award 2022, The Alan Turing Institute

Bio-inspired 3D Design & Printing Educational Robots (2021-2023)
Team: Kehinde A. Omobomi, Jay Saini, Zyad Reda and Dr Esyin Chew
  1. Saini, J. & Chew, E. (2021) A Systematic Review for 3D-Printing in Modern Social Robotics, iM3F 2020: Innovative Manufacturing, Mechatronics & Materials Forum 2020. Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE)(Springer, EI and Scopus-indexed).
Selected STEAM-Robot Workshops across Schools & FEs
Funded by the First Campus, Cardiff Met or respective schools.
  1. Ysgol Nantgwyn and Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd (April 2022)

  2. EESW (Feb 2022)
  3. St Illtyd's Catholic High School (Feb 2022) 
  4. Bedford Lewis Girls' School (Jan 2022) 
  5. St Albans School (2021) 
  6. Bridgend College (2021)
  7. Gabafal Primary School, Barry Island Primary School and etc. (2020-2021) 
  8. Girls Can Code by Dr Fiona carroll, Aveen Najm and Parastoo (2020) Techniquest Internship Video 
  9. National Saturday Club Science 2019: Supporting an endurance athlete  through an expedition
  10. Short Term Mobility  at University of Malaya and Regen Internatinal hospital (2019).
  11. Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni (Feb 2019)
  12. Barry Island Primary School (March 2019)
  13. Blanycwm School (April 2019),
  14. Summer Adult School (June 2019)
  15. EUREKA Roboitcs at the Festival of Higher Education 27 June 2019.
Team Quest: Richard Sparks Expedition with a Humanoid Robot at the South Pole
Funded by Cardiff Marketing and External Relation & Cardiff School of Technologies
Team: Professor Jon Platts, John Cavani, Dr Esyin Chew, Holly Jiya Zhao,  Jack Jiaji Yang, Vincent Moses Muzuva, Gareth Hawkins and team: Richard Parks' and Robot Dewey's Adventures Across the Seven Continents – Face Recognition, Emotion Recognition and Object Recognition by Nao (2020). The real Richard Parks' Tweet at the South Pole with Robot NAO Deweyand the event.

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

EUREKA Robot Nightingale


  1. Cardiff Met Partners With Extreme Athlete Richard Parks  ( Ahead of Antarctica Expedition:
  2. Meet Richard's expedition partner - NAO from our CST
  3. Cardiff Metropolitan University Partners with TeamnQuest 
  4. Richard Parks | NAO and School of Technologies video
PIE (Partnership for Inovation in Employability) for Women in STEM, funded by British Council (2022-2023) 
Team: Dr Esyin Chew, Dr Barry Bentley, Dr Sia chow Siing and partners from York Univeristy, University of Malaya, Univeristy Malaysia Pahang, UiTM Malaysia, and Universitas Bina Nusantara, Indonesia. Project Website 
EUREKA Robotics Workshops & Certification  Programme for Schools, FEs & HEs (2021-2024) 
Team: Sarah-May Mcvey & Yinglun Huang, Aveen Najm, Victor E., Dr Sia Chow Siing & Dr Esyin Chew 
Supporting British Council for UK-Malaysia Consortium  (20 Malaysia Public Universities and 16 UK Universities)  and FameLab (2020-present) 

Access to a fantastic ‘alumni’ of some of the best young communicators in Malaysia; Helping to make sure that science and engineering are promoted at the grassroots level; Contributing to the development of young talent
Leading the way for EUREKA to recognise the value of public engagement: Details and Video published by British Council Malaysia. 

Educatonal Robotics for Primary Education (2022-2024) 

Team: Yinglun Huang, Dr Sia chow Siing and Dr Esyin Chew. 

Robotic Music, Maths and Language Teaching Assistant (2019-2020)
Hawkins, G.O. & Chew, E. (2021) TOM: The Robotic Drum Teaching Assistant Innovating Music Teaching, IM3f 2020. Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) (Springer, EI and Scopus-indexed).
  1. JD Maths Tutor (Nov 2019)
  2. Swahili Language Teacher (Nov 2019) 
  3. Charles Babbage Awakens - Robotic Maths Teacher (Nov 2019)
STEAM Education with Robot Dewey and JD Robots for Blanycwm (2017/2018):
Funded by the First Campus, OptiMusics Ltd, Brynmawr & Nantyglo Town Councils and Cardiff School of Technologies
Team: Lisa Fenn, Cardiff School of Education; Dr Esyin Chew, Nigel Jones, Stuart Hartley, Cardiff School of Technologies; Susan Davies, Headmistress of Blanycwm School.


  1. School Children Given Tech-Tastic Insight into Robotics with Cardiff Met team>
  2. Video from the Judge of 2018 Eureka Robotics Lab - Blanycwm School Competition 
  3. Industrial sponsored robotics competition to learn about Museum artefacts and the Award Ceremony

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

Robot Dewey, the Chinese Language Tutor (2018-2019)
Project website: Funded by Cardiff Met Interdisciplinary grant
Team: Dr Esyin Chew, Fiona Li, Cardiff School of Technologies, Dr Nikolaos Konstantakis, Cardiff School of Education, Chua X,N, Monash Univeirsty Malaysia.
Award: the project was shortlisted as one of the Finalist of the eAssessment Award 2018, the International e-Assessment Awards

Cardiff School of Technologies Marketing Robots for Corporate Branding
Team: Professor Jon Platts, Dr Jason Williams, Dr Esyin Chew, Programme Directors, Corrine Ngandu, Pawr Dips and all interns at Cardiff School of Technologies

Press and Photos:

  1. Eureka Robots at Eisteddfod! Cardiff Local TV:
  2. Open Days at Cardiff Metropolitan University
  3. Global Week (March 2019)

EUREKA Robot Nightingale

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