Before you Apply


​First Steps

Making a decision to apply for a place to study isn't just a question of choosing an appropriate course. You'll also need to consider where you want to spend the next year of your life​.​

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Courses at Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Department of Teacher Education and Training (DTET) within the Cardiff School of Education is recognised as being amongst the largest centres of teacher education and training in the country. The Department has over eight hundred students, and three different programmes of initial teacher training. Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated to creating rich and diverse learning opportunities within the programmes.

To find your perfect course,

PGCE/Cert Ed Post Compulsory Education & Training
PGCE Primary
PGCE Secondary (with specialist pathways)

Living in Cardiff

Student life isn't just about studying, it's about living too… Our campuses are set in the heart of Cardiff - a young, historic yet vibrant city full of style and character, with a range of world class tourist, sporting, shopping and nightlife facilities. For further information about Cardiff, visist our Student Life pages at:

Important Dates

You can apply through the new 'UCAS - Teacher Training' Apply 1 system from November in the year prior to entry. The new process begins from 1st November each year, when providers may choose to open programmes. You can only apply for a training programme when it's open. When a training programme is opened for the first time, it stays open for a minimum of two weeks. It's worth doing some research into the programme open dates and what three choices to make. Because you can only apply for a training programme when it is open, and you have to make your three choices at the same time, you'll want to think carefully about how to use your three choices.

What Happens Next?

Your initial applications will be considered by your chosen providers at the same time – within 40 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after you apply – then they'll let you know if they're offering you a place. The system will show you which days are counted as holidays, and we'll let you know when your 40 working day period is up.


Before you can be offered a place, you'll have to attend an interview. Many providers receive a large number of applications and so can't interview everyone who meets the essential requirements. In this case they'll select applicants for interview using the academic and non-academic criteria. You could be invited to interview by each of your chosen training providers – if so leave a full day free for each interview and make sure you can attend interviews within the 40 working days. If you're invited to more than one interview on the same day, get in touch with the second training provider to ask if your interview can be rearranged.

How to respond to offers

Training providers are committed to letting you know their decision either before or at the end of the 40 working days. (In the unlikely event they don't reply in time the choice will automatically be made unsuccessful.) Once you've heard from all your choices, you'll have 10 working days to respond to any offers you get. You can only accept one offer, so if you have more than one you'll have to decline the others. But if you don't want to accept any of the offers you can decline them all. Make sure you respond within the 10 working days, or it'll be automatically declined. At this point if you've been offered a place then congratulations! If you are offered a place, the following decisions may apply:

Conditional Offer: where you have been accepted on condition that you obtain certain qualifications, or

Unconditional Offer: where you have already satisfied the entry requirements for the course. It is Cardiff Metropolitan University’s policy not to process unconditional offers without seeing evidence of your qualifications.

You will also be told in your UCAS instructions how to accept or decline the offer, within your allocated timescale.

Apply 2

If you're still looking for a place, don't worry, you can apply for more training programmes in Apply 2.

How your application is considered

Once your application has been received at UCAS it will be sent to Cardiff Met for consideration. Click here for more information about what happens next.​



Debtors to the University who make a new application will be considered and providing requirements for entry are met, will be offered a place. However, this offer will be dependant on either the debt being cleared before the start of the programme, or an agreement established with Finance concerning payment.

Applicants can contact Finance concerning outstanding debt by either:
Email:; or
Tel: 029 2041 6083

Further information on the University's Debtor Policy and Procedure, click here.

Bad Academic Standing

Applicants who have left the University in bad academic standing i.e. without successfully completing the year of study upon which they were last enrolled are expected to inform the Admissions Unit when considering reapplying, before an application is submitted. Applicants will be considered once the information on the bad academic standing has been received and verified. The final decision on acceptance will be made by the two Programme Directors concerned with your past and proposed study.