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Student Voice

Students' Union Welsh Language Officer​

The Students' Union Welsh Language Officer is responsible for representing Welsh-speaking students at Cardiff Met as part of the Union and University structure where appropriate.

The Welsh Officer is a member of the University's Use of Welsh Committee and the Coleg Cymraeg Branch Committee. The officer contributes to the work of these two committees by ensuring that the perspective of Welsh-medium students is central to the University's operations.

Find out more about the Union's Welsh Language Officer, Bo Leung.

Q: Where are you from?
I'm from Caernarfon in north Wales. 

Q: What course are you studying?
Primary Education.

Q: Why are you doing the role?
I want to do this role to be part of a team which gives new opportunities and experiences for Welsh students across Cardiff Met’s two campuses. 

Q: What do you want to achieve over the year?
I’m here to make sure that all Welsh voices are heard. To me it’s very important to keep up our Welsh language skills because they’re so beneficial in the workplace and the world which awaits us after leaving University.

I’m keen and ready to support anything which relates to the Welsh language, whether that’s with those from a Welsh speaking background or not. I hope to create new opportunities and experiences through the medium of Welsh, and ensure that they are beneficial and positive for everyone.

People only start at the University once, so I hope to help make that experience as positive and memorable as possible.