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Cardiff Met Welsh Language Policy

​The University has ​produced an extensive Policy on the Welsh language and its use within our daily operations. The policy distinguishes between students, the public and staff.

The policy applies to the University’s work in Wales across a broad range of areas, including academic provision and operational services. The information here formalises many of the operational procedures already taking place in the University, whilst also providing further clarity on the requirements of the Standards issued by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

This policy was approved by the Use of Welsh Committee, chaired by the University Secretary, which oversees the matters pertaining to the Welsh language across the University.

Why produce a Welsh Language Policy?

Welsh Government Legislation requires public bodies in Wales to comply with a wide range of Welsh language ‘Standards’. In accordance with these Standards, the University is required to develop a policy on the use of the Welsh language.

The Welsh Language Standards were issued as part of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, which allowed for the imposition of language duties (i.e. Standards) on public organisations. The Measure also recognised Welsh as an official language of Wales.

This policy document, therefore, encompasses the Standards to which the University is subject and how the University intends to comply with those Standards. In establishing a policy on the Welsh language, we can also further ensure that the University is providing the best possible service to its staff, students and the public.

The core principles:

  • The equal treatment of Welsh and English in the University’s operations.

  • Sustaining a welcoming atmosphere that ensures a flourishing bilingual culture among all staff, students and members of the public involved with the University.

  • A commitment to further developing a bilingual workforce across the University that will, in turn, allow for growth in bilingual provision and services.

  • The promotion of the Welsh language and its visibility across the University.

The policy relates to the work of the University in Wales, and therefore is applicable to all staff. The Welsh Language Unit conducts a monitoring exercise in accordance with the Welsh Language Standards three times per academic year. Professional Units and Academic Schools are asked to self-assess their compliance across several key areas, and responses are validated by mystery-shopper type exercises conducted by the Welsh Language Unit.


These responses are reported to the University's Use of Welsh Committee for scrutiny.