Dr. Jacky Tyrie

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Position:​Lecturer
​School:​ Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
​ Telephone:​029 2020 5951
​Room No:​Q014a



Research Groups:
• Education and Social Research Group (ESRG)

• British Sociological Association (BSA)
• British Education Research Association (BERA)

Research Interests:
• Children’s Rights in Wales and internationally 
• Contested issues in children’s rights 
• Implementation of Children’s Rights in wales 
• Gender and young children 
• Theoretical approaches to childhood


Books / Book Chapters:
Tyrie, J (2013) Extended rights for children and young people in Wales? A focus on gender. In Williams, J The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Wales . University of Wales Press

Conference Papers:

Haughton, C., Sarwar, S., Tyrie, J., Beauchamp, G. and Ellis, C. (2015) ‘‘Wild Time’: discovery and adventure tales from free-play episodes with a reception class working in an ancient woodland site’ presented at British Education Studies Association (BESA) conference, 25th-26th June, 2015, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Tyrie, J. (2010) Young People’s Access to their Rights in Wales: Is Wales moving forward to, or backward from, the UNCRC? Childhood and Youth in Transition, Third International Conference Of Childhood and Youth, Sheffield July 2010  

Tyrie, J. (2010) Gender Inequalities In Accessing Rights: The Voice of Children In Wales. Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association

Tyrie, J. (2008) Gender and Rights: Young People’s Access to their Entitlements in Wales. Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association, 28th– 30th March 2008.

Other Publications:

Tyrie, J. and Beauchamp, G. (In Press) Children's Perceptions of their Access to Rights in Wales: The Relevance of Gender and Age, International Journal of Children's Rights

LEWIS, A., SARWAR, S. TYRIE, J., WATERS, J., and WILLIAMS, J. (2015) ‘Reviewing Young Children’s Rights in Education in Wales’, Welsh Journal of Education (under review).

Crawley, H (2009) The Situation among Children in Immigrant Families in the United Kingdom‘, Innocenti Working Paper, no. 2009-18, Florence, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre. Contributor Towards Report.

Tyrie, J. (2007) National Evaluation of Extending Entitlement: How do young people perceive their access to rights in Wales? Post-Graduate Conference, Swansea University, Presentation of paper 30th April 2007

Case, S, Haines, K, Isles, E, Rees, I & Tyrie, J (2007) Evaluation of Young People’s Access to Entitlements: Report of the 11-16 Year Olds School Survey Measuring Access to Entitlements. Swansea University: Swansea.