Research in the Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy


The Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy (CSESP) has been recognised for its pedagogic excellence and proactive engagement with the development of education since 1962. We have made significant progress in the development of a strong and sustainable research environment in recent years, and we achieved this through a systematic increase in our research volume, quality, impact, and capacity. This has been facilitated by developing infrastructure, investing in research, developing our research with impact, developing our collaborative research, and developing an open-access, integrity-based, research culture.

Our staff have a wide range of research interests spanning specialisms in education research and practice, English literature, creative writing, social policy, housing, social work, professional policing, and criminology. As well as many staff with well-established and emerging research profiles, a significant proportion of our lecturers are also undertaking higher degrees and are developing additional research interests to contribute to the School’s portfolio. The CSESP also has strong educational research links with Cardiff Met’s School of Sport & Health Sciences, and School of Art and Design bringing with them co-constructed interdisciplinary foci.

We have previously cohered the strands of our research endeavours, and research supervisions, around several Research Groups. However, in the light of having returned to REF2021, we are currently reconstituting some of these groups, whilst other groups are being proposed and approved. Once constituted, these Research Groups will be led by a senior researcher who will work closely with other staff who are mid-career or early career researchers, as well as our postgraduate research students (PhD, DProf, and EdD) whose work is aligned to the sphere of influence of that specific Research Group. The underpinning aim of all our Research Groups is to leverage the experience mix within the group to facilitate capacity-building in a safe and supportive environment.

As these Research Groups are approved or reconstituted, they will be added to this page.

The CSESP also runs a vibrant, exciting, and well attended virtual Research Seminar Series with weekly presentations from visiting speakers, School staff, and our postgraduate research students.


​Details of Postgraduate study within the School of Education & Social Policy can be found on the courses page.


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Contact Us

If you require further information about research in the CSESP, contact the Associate Dean for Research, Professor Steve Cooper.

If you require information about doctoral research programmes in the CSESP, for PhDs, please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator, Dr Kate North, and for DProfs/EdDs contact the EdD Pathway Lead, Dr Sue Davis.