Food Science Courses



Cardiff Met’s Food Science Department offers comprehensive education in one of two routes linked towards food.

Food Science & Technology (BSc & MSc) - from the development of new foods to the study of how foods impact health, wellness, and disease prevention. Meeting the increasing demand for food science and technology expertise worldwide, our graduates provide the food industry and public with well-prepared and highly competent food science professionals.

Food Production Management (BSc) - from the concepts and development of food to the production, management and leadership of food companies. This new degree programme was designed to ensure students have all of the necessary skills to not only lead a quality, technical or development department but also to manage and lead an entire food production company.




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Distance Learning


View the full facilities available through the Zero to Five Food Industry Centre Virtual Tours

The flagship of the centre is the newly built Food Industry Centre, which boasts food processing facilities, test and development kitchens, a sensory evaluation suite and training facilities for food scientists, dieticians’ and nutritionists alike.

Dieticians’ and Public Health Nutritionists in particular benefit from the opportunity to develop practical food skills such as estimation of portion size and nutrient content of typical foods in the specially designed practice kitchens.

Other science laboratories, including microbiology and chemical analysis facilities and the sports physiology laboratory are equipped with a wide range of analytical equipment, which allows you to master a number of techniques for research purposes or in readiness for employment.


The Food Safety and Nutrition Research Group is Internationally recognised for its work in food safety management, including HACCP developments, food and food premises hygiene and decontamination. The group comprises microbiologists, biochemists, nutritionists and psychologists work together to provide a holistic approach to the needs of the food industry and the consumer.

The Research group has a strong track record in research in consumer behaviour (across a range of demographic and age groups, including older adults and carers of young children & babies), food manufacturing and the food supply chain. The staff have specialist knowledge in may industry sectors and have undertaken extensive knowledge transfer activities, have strong SME links and deliver engaged research with its partners. Many projects and consultancy activities involve SMEs within Wales and beyond.

The School is a member of Campden BRI and the European Association for Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain (ISEKI).

Staff Profiles

Our staff profiles are currently being updated and will be available soon​.​