Dr Lalage Sanders




   Position: Head of Department, Principal Lecturer and Reader in Pedagogical Psychology
   School: Cardiff School of Health Sciences
   E-mail: lsanders@cardiffmet.ac.uk
   Telephone: +44(0)29 2041 6892
   Room No: D3.08b



  • SHS700 Applied Research Methods and Design

Undergraduate Supervision
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology: Wellbeing; Education

Masters Supervision
  • Masters in Social Science Research: Education and Wellbeing

Research Degree Supervision - Current
  • Dodge, Rachel The impact of a pastoral intervention programme on levels of wellbeing in Further Education students
  • Green Jervis, Cordelia Young Men as Fathers: A Qualitative Study Exploring Social and Cultural Constructions
  • Lewis, Rhonwen Early phonological development in Welsh-English bilingual children: a longitudinal study
  • Patten, Sarah Speech Perception Assessments; an investigation into their efficacy as a clinical tool with deaf children
  • Warner, Joann Combined effects of stress and diet on biological markers of ageing

Research Degree Supervision - Completed - PhD
  • Almughairy, Asila (2012) Evaluating marriage preparation programmes in the Oman
  • Al-Hourani, Zeid (2008) Development and evaluation of a model to measure and determine the fit of removable partial dental frameworks
  • Bruneau, Ben (2009) The association between undergraduates’ resilience and their coping
  • Campbell, Jacqueline, (2010) Measuring and enhancing offenders’ motivation to engage in therapy and change their offending behaviour
  • Davies, Rachel (2002) Managing the emotional experience of organisational change.
  • Hobbis, Shirley (2012) Adjusting to retirement: Changing views of normality
  • Kwan, Deborah (2012) "They think it’s normal don’t they?" A comparison of dietary attitudes and perceptions of mothers and grandmothers.
  • Mendoza, Gary (2006) A multi-dimensional model for the treatment of overweight and obese males in a community setting
  • Squire, Amanda (2012) Promoting a whole school approach to healthy eating within secondary schools in South Wales
  • Toh, Pohsee (2000) The evaluation and control of food safety in Hawker Food in Kuala Lumpur.

Research Degree Supervision - Completed - PhD by Published Works (Advisor)
  • Sander, P. (2003) Understanding the learner for more effective university teaching
  • Thomas, M. (2009) Exploring the beliefs and underlying functional deficits associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the identification of predictors of recovery and successful illness management

Research Degree Supervision - Completed - Master of Philosophy
  • Alimohamed, Francis. MPhil (2005) A comparison of the accuracy of three types of 3 dimensional scanners for recording patients' study models and the ease of use of each scanner.
  • Bevan, Rowena MPhil (2005) The relationship of an appointment adherence with the provision for dentures within technical services in a dental hospital.
  • Mahni, Nizar MPhil (2004) Cleanser solutions and dental polymethyl methacrylate: their effects on the mechanical and physical properties.



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Conference Papers
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Dr Lalage Sanders has been a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Applied Psychology since 2004. She is Head of Department of Applied Psychology and also the School's Graduate Studies Coordinator. She is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), a Chartered Scientist and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Lalage is an active researcher in areas of student experience and wellbeing including an ESCalate funded Project “Trainee teachers' physical and mental wellbeing” and New Ideas Social Research Funded project “Student Expectations and Engagement”.

She publishes widely including authoring the only Research Methods text book endorsed by the British Psychological Society “Discovering Research Methods in Psychology: A student’s guide” published by Blackwell Wiley, BPS publication. Lalage is the School’s Graduate Studies Coordinator, Chair of the School’s Research Degrees Sub-Committee, Deputy Chair of Cardiff Metropolitan’s Research Degrees Committee. Her teaching responsibilities include two M level research modules: Research Skills and Applied Research Methods and Design, and she teaches Introduction to Statistics for undergraduate psychology students.

She is a supervisor for M level students on the MSc Health Psychology and Masters in Research Methods. Lalage is Cardiff Met.'s representative on the Operational Group of the Research Capacity Building Collaboration Wales. She has established collaborative research projects with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board into service evaluation in mental health.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Chartered Psychologist
Chartered Scientist

Research Interests
Academic Confidence in Higher Education
Transition to University
Student Well-being