Health Sciences Staff Profiles



​​​Population Wellbeing

Applied Psychology

Biomedical Sciences

Department of Healthcare and Food

Ria Bayliss, Lecturer

Geisel Chetan, Lecturer

Francesca Cooper, Senior Lecturer

Dr Sarah Curran, Clinical Director (Podiatry)​

Simon Dawson, Lecturer

Henry Dawson, Lecturer

Julie Duffy, Programme Director (Complementary Healthcare)

Katie Earing​​, Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy

Ellen Evans, Junior Research Fellow

Dr Ruth Fairchild, Senior Lecturer

Joanne Fawcett​, Programme Director (Podiatry)

Katherine Gallimore, Senior Lecturer

Victoria Gould, Lecturer​

Craig Gwynne, Lecturer in Podiatry​​

Rhiannon Harris, Senior Lecturer

Shirley Hinde, Senior Lecturer

Jane Lewis, Lecturer​

Jeff Lewis, Programme Director (PG Dental Technology)

Rhonwen Lewis, Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy (Welsh medium)

Dr Ian Mathieson, Programme Director (Musculoskeletal Studies)

Dr Robert Mayr, Senior Lecturer

Dr Helen Pandeli, Senior Lecturer

Denise Parish, Programme Director (Human Nutrition and Dietetics)

Alan Phelan, Lecturer

Hannah Plumpton, Senior Lecturer

Anita Setarehnejad (Lecturer, Food Science and Technology)

Amanda Squire, Lecturer

Prof Arthur Tatham, Professor in Food Science and Nutrition

Kate Tucker, Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)​

Hilary Wickett, Programme Director (Public Health Nutrition)

Judith Whatley, Senior Lecturer Complementary Healthcare

Dr Robert Williams, Professor of Dental Technology and Innovation​​

Dr Fei Zhao, Programme Director (MSc Advanced Practice), Principal Lecturer

Administrative Support Staff​

Technical Support Staff