Dr James Ledo

​​​​Job Title: Lecturer - Food Science and Technology
Room No: D1.30
Email Address: JLedo@cardiffmet.ac.uk


Module Leader

UG: Human Biochemistry and Physiology
UG: Food Quality, Composition, and Labelling
UG: Advanced Food Safety and Quality Management
PG: Global Food Safety
PG: Crisis Management


UG: Research methods
PG: Applied Research Methods and Design

Master and Undergraduate Research Project Supervision

Other commitments
Level 7-year Tutor​

Research Interest

My research interest is mainly focused on the use of multi-disciplinary approaches in food quality and safety management to mitigate foodborne pathogens and understand the dynamics of food handling practices, food fraud, and waste in the food chain. In these pursuits, I develop diagnostic tools, based on international and national standards, to unravel the dynamics of the socio-technical system and how they affect food safety and food integrity of specific foods.


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  • Ledo, J., Hettinga, K. A., Kussaga, J.B., & Luning, P. A. (2020). Implications of differences in safety and hygiene control practices for milk safety in an emerging dairy chain. Food Control, 118, 107453.
  • Ledo, J., Hettinga, K. A., & Luning, P. A. (2020). A customized assessment tool to differentiate safety and hygiene control practices in emerging dairy chains. Food Control, 111, 107072.
  • Ledo, J., Hettinga, K. A., Bijman, J., & Luning, P. A. (2019). Persistent challenges in safety and hygiene control practices in emerging dairy chains: The case of Tanzania. Food Control, 105, 164-173.
  • Pisa, P. T., Landais, E., Margetts, B., Vorster, H. H., Friedenreich, C. M., Huybrechts, I., & Ledo, J., et. al. (2018). Inventory on the dietary assessment tools available and needed in Africa: a prerequisite for setting up a common methodological research infrastructure for nutritional surveillance, research and prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 58(1), 37-61.
  • Aglago, E. K., Landais, E., Nicolas, G., Margetts, B., Leclercq, C., Allemand, P., El Ati, J....& Ledo. J., et. al. (2017). Evaluation of the international standardized 24-h dietary recall methodology (GloboDiet) for potential application in research and surveillance within African settings. Globalization and health, 13(1), 35.

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