About the UK Association for Food Protection

The United Kingdom Association for Food Protection is an affiliate of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).

About the IAFP

The IAFP’s focus is protecting the global food supply. Within the association, there are educators, government officials, microbiologists, food industry executives and quality control professionals who are involved in all aspects of growing, storing, transporting, processing and preparing all types of foods. IAFP members, representing more than 50 countries, help the association achieve its mission through networking, educational programs, journals, career opportunities and numerous other resources. For more information please visit the IAFP website.

About IAFP Affiliate Associations

The IAFP has Affiliate Associations throughout the world. IAFP Affiliates are organisations whose objectives are consistent with those of IAFP and whose members have united to apply for a formal Charter as an Affiliate Association, under conditions stipulated in the IAFP Bylaws. See the list of global Affiliate Associations here.

About the UKAFP

The UK Association for Food Protection aims to ensure networking and educational opportunities for its members, and to participate and represent the affiliate members on the International Association Affiliate Council and Executive Board.

For more information about the UK Association for Food Protection please contact hrtaylor@cardiffmet.ac.uk or elevans@cardiffmet.ac.uk