Dr. Anita Setarehnejad


Lecturer in Food Science and Technology
Email: asetarehnejad@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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My role at the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre

I am one of the academic staff in the health care and food department. I teach a variety of subjects such as Biochemistry, Sensory Analysis, Baking Technology, Confectionery Technology and New Product Development. I also supervise research study at undergraduate and postgraduate level and run short courses.

My role with ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre (FIC) is to apply my knowledge and skills in different food projects. I research and supervise studies on baking topics. The main focuses of the study are to improve quality of the end product, reduce waste, increase consumer acceptability, and reduce sugar and fat in the products.

I am a trained sensory panellist and have studied sensory science which gave me the opportunity to support FIC on variety of projects. As a panellist I participate in the research such as adjustments in formulation, improvements in shelf life, replacing ingredients; sensory analysis helps to assess the product and apply the new changes with confidence.

I am a Charted Scientist and a member of Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) which extends my network in the food discipline, attending conferences and reading books and news on food also helps me to keep my knowledge up-to-date to support FIC projects

Previous Experience

Food specialist at Frank's Luxury Biscuit, July 2011- December 2011

Hereford, UK

Frank's Luxury biscuits is a small enterprise company that produces different types of biscuits, cookies and cakes. My role within the company was introducing HACCP, documentation, developing new recipes and checks on production lines. As part of NPD a charcoal biscuit was developed and received good customer response. The Company received food safety certificates and a score of 4 'on the door' from HACCP and food safety documentation.

Academic Associate, Research student 2006 – July 2011 leading to PhD

Cardiff, UK


My research study was on dental erosion caused by drinking acidic drinks and reduction of this phenomenon by application of bioactive peptides from whey. The study aims were to help soft drink producers to design a tooth friendly drink for consumers, especially children who have very susceptible teeth. The research findings were presented at national and international conferences, published in peer reviewed journals and well supported by the Dental School at Cardiff University - UK, Munich Technique University - Germany, Arla dairy company - Denmark, INRA diary research centre in France.

Laboratory Technical Manager at Nab Vegetable Oil.Co Nov 2005- Sep2006 (PT)

Tehran, Iran


The company produced a variety of vegetable oils for different purposes such as cooking and frying to meet consumer needs. Crude oil entered the factory, was refined, purified, bottled and passed all the necessary examination before being distributed to the customer. My role within the company was to carry out chemical analysis and ensure the end product met all the specifications.

Head of R&D and Quality Assurance at Boof Food Chain Complex

Tehran, Iran


Boof was a large food manufacturer which produced a range of products such as, marinated chicken and varieties of bread, salads, dips and pizza toppings. In addition, Boof organised several fast food restaurants that served Pizza, Fried Chicken and Sandwiches to customers. My role within the company was to manage the QA team, research on new products, internal and external sensory evaluation and to ensure that food safety and staff training was implemented.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Ph. D in Food Science

MSc in Agricultural Engineering-Food Science

BSC in Food Science & Technology - Health and Quality Control

Certificate of Sensory evaluation foundation, method and techniques from Institute of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis California

Post Graduate Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education

Level 3 award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Level 3 Food Safety supervision for Manufacturing

Professional Memberships:

Fellow of Higher Education of Academy (FHEA)

Charted Scientist (CSci)

Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST)

Member of American Society of Baking (MASB)

Journals and Publications

Peer reviewed publications:

A.S. Kvistgaard., J.B. Schroder ., E. Jensen ., A. Setarehnejad ., A. Kanekanian. (2014) Milk ingredients as functional foods. A. Kanekanian. Milk and Dairy Products as Functional Foods, Oxford, Wiley Blackwell, pp 198-236.

Setarehnejad A., A.Tatham& A. Kanekanian A. (2010) The protective effect of caseinomacropeptide against dental erosion using hydroxyapatite as a model system. International Dairy Journal, 20(9), 652-656.

A.Setarehnejad A., Kanekanian A., Tatham A., & Abedi A.H. (2009) The inhibitory effect of glycomacropeptide on dental erosion. Dairy Science & Technology, 89, 233-239.

National and International Conference Contributions:

For more recent conference contributions, please see here

Najjar, I. and Setarehnejad, A, Effect of Soya flour, Carrageenan and Glycerol Monostearate as Egg Replacers on Cake Quality (2016) at First International Conference on Food Chemistry and Hydrocolloids, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Afonso, S.N. and Setarehnejad, A, The Effect of Rice, Potato, Corn and Tapioca Starches on the Quality of Gluten-Free Bread, (2015) at 4th international food processing and technology, London, UK

Kanekanian A., Setarehnejad A., (2011) Investigation on protective effect of glycomacropeptide against dental erosion using scanning electron microscopy, Second World Congress on Biotechnology, Philadelphia, USA, November 2011, Oral presentation.

Setarehnejad A, Making soft drinks kinder to teeth (2009) at EFFOST conference, Hungry. Awarded best poster prize.

Setarehnejad. A, Protective effect of GMP and its fractions against dental erosion (2009) at 6TH NIZO dairy conference, The Netherlands

Setarehnejad. A, The assessment of protective effect of Glycomacropeptid (GMP) on Dental erosion at different concentrations and exposure times (2008) at First European Food Congress, Slovenia

Setarehnejad A, The inhibitory effect of Glycomacropeptde (GMP) on dental erosion (2008) at First International Symposium on Minerals & Dairy Products, France