Dr. Anita Setarehnejad


Dr. Anita Setarehnejad
Programme Director MSc Food Science and Technology- Senior lecturer
Email: asetarehnejad@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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My role at the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre

I am one of the academic staff and programme director Master Food Science and technology. I teach a variety of subjects such as Biochemistry, Sensory Analysis, Baking and Confectionery Technology and New Product Development at both UG and PG levels. I supervise research studies at both levels and take part in ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre (FIC) research projects. I also deliver short courses to industry and communities.

I collaborate with other universities and food companies all of which extend my network in the food discipline. I attend conferences and support my students to take part in the conferences too which demonstrate the work we do at the University and FIC.

My role with ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre is to apply my knowledge and skills in different food projects and contribute into research. The main focuses of my research are to improve quality of the end products, formulation of free from foods and reduced sugar and fat products for specific diets, evaluate consumer acceptability of the new products.

I am a trained sensory panellist and have completed sensory science course at University of California, Davis. I use my skills and knowledge to support FIC on variety of projects.

Previous Experience

  • Food specialist at Frank's Luxury Biscuit, July 2011- December 2011- My role within the company was introducing HACCP, documentation, developing new recipes.
  • Research associate PhD Students 2006-2011- My research was on reducing dental erosion using Bioactive peptide in Whey. Isolating of peptides form whey and evaluating its protective effect against dental erosion. I worked with Cardiff University Dental School at - UK, Munich Technique University - Germany, Arla dairy company - Denmark, INRA diary research centre in Franc
  • Laboratory manager at Vegetable oil Company 2005-2006 Head of R&D and Quality Assurance at Boof Food Chain Complex 2000-2006

Qualifications and Professional Memberships


  • PhD in Food Science and Chemistry
  • MSc in Agricultural Engineering-Food Science
  • BSC in Food Science & Technology - Health and Quality Control
  • Certificate of Sensory evaluation, UC Davis California 
  • Certificate of Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Cornell University 
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education
  • Certificate of professional development for external examiner  
  • Advance Higher Education, UK
  • Level 3 award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing
  • Level 3 Food Safety supervision for Manufacturing

Professional Memberships:

  • Fellow of Higher Education of Academy (FHEA)
  • Charted Scientist (CSci)
  • Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST)
  • Member of American Society of Baking (MASB)

Journals and Publications

Research Publications

  • Setarehnejad A., Fairchild R.M. (2021) Erosive potential of commonly available vapes: a cause for concern?. British Dental Journal. 231 (8) 487-491.  https://doi.org/10.1038/s41415-021-3563-1 
  • Weston E., Millman C., Setarehnejad A., Bennett E., Oruna-Concha MJ., (2021) Career management for UK Food degree students at multiple institutes using an industry developed professional competencies framework. J Food Sci Educ. 1– 11.  https://doi.org/10.1111/1541-4329.12224 
  • Setarehnejad. A & Fairchild. R (2019) How our sense of taste changes as we age. The conversation. April 2019. https://theconversation.com/how-our-sense-of-taste-changes-as-we-age-112569
  • Louis. L, Fairchild. M. R and Setarehnejad. A (2019) Effects of Ingredients on sensory attributes of Gluten-Free Breads available in the UK. British Food Journal 121 (4), 926-936. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/BFJ-07-2018-0469/full/html
  • Kvistgaard. A.S., Schroder. J.B.., Jensen. E., Setarehnejad. A., Kanekanian. A (2014) Milk ingredients as functional foods. A. Kanekanian. Milk and Dairy Products as Functional Foods, Oxford, Wiley Blackwell, pp 198-236.  
  • Setarehnejad A., Kanekanian A., Tatham A., & Abedi A.H. (2010) The protective effect of caseinomacropeptide against dental erosion using hydroxyapatite as a model system. International Dairy Journal, 20(9), 652-656.
  • Setarehnejad A., Kanekanian A., & Tatham, A.  (2009) The inhibitory effect of glycomacropeptide on dental erosion. Dairy Science & Technology, 89, 233-239.

For more research publications, please see here


Conference Contributions:

  • Hall. N., Setarehnejad. A., (2021) Functionality and properties of aquafaba derived from different cooking methods. 35th International EFFoST Conference. Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • Alexander. L., Fairchild. R., Setarehnejad. A., (2021) Consumer acceptance of palm oil in food products in the United Kingdom. 35th International EFFoST Conference. Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • Chachlani. R., Setarehnejad. A., (2021) The use of chia seeds as an egg replacer: will consumers swallow it?  14th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. Online presentation August. 
  • Hall. N., Setarehnejad. A., (2021). An investigation in the characteristics and properties of Aquafaba and its use in large scale manufacturing., Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo2021. Online presentation Oct 2021 
  • Carter H, Watkeys L, Setarehnjhad A, Fairchild R (2021) Low dose, wholegrain mustard supplementation associated with beneficial effects on fasting glucose and cholesterol in adults. 35th International EFFoST Conference,  Healthy Individuals, Resilient Communities, and Global Food Security. Driving availability and digestibility of nutrients theme. Lausanne, Switzerland.  
  • Jain. R and Setarehnejad. A, (2020) Evaluating the effects of Aquafaba, Flaxseed flour, Soy flour and Xanthan gum as an egg-replacer system in cakes, to determine the cake quality (2020). International E-Conference 2020: Novel Nutrition Approach and Emerging Opportunities in Pandemic Scenario, hosted by Mount Carmel College- Autonomous, Bangalore, India.
  • Louis.l and Setarehnejad. A, Evaluating the effects of ingredients on quality attributes and sensory preference of gluten free breads available on the UK market (2018) at IFST Sensory Conference 2018: Health is Wealth, Birmingham, UK.  Accepted in Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Verona, Italy 2018
    Evatt.R and Setarehnejad.A, Evaluation of texture and sensory characteristics of gluten free cake utilising xanthan gum (2018) at IFST Sensory Conference 2018: Health is Wealth, Birmingham , UK. Accepted in Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Verona, Italy.
  • Ayitsa A.M and Setarehnejad. A, The Effect of Storage Temperature On The Quality And Rate Of Staling Of White Bread (2017) at Sensory Conference 2017: It’s Not Always Just About The Flavour, Nottingham, UK. 
  • Atkins. L and Setarehnejad. A, Technological Characteristics and Consumer Sensory Preference of Cake When Fat is Replaced with Chia Seeds (2017) at Sensory Conference 2017: It’s Not Always Just About the Flavour, Nottingham, UK 
  • Najjar, I. and Setarehnejad, A, Effect of Soya flour, Carrageenan and Glycerol Monostearate as Egg Replacers on Cake Quality (2016) at First International Conference on Food Chemistry and Hydrocolloids, Toronto, Ontario Canada 
  • Afonso, S.N. and Setarehnejad, A, The Effect of Rice, Potato, Corn and Tapioca Starches on the Quality of Gluten-Free Bread, (2015) at 4th international food processing and technology, London, UK  
  • Setarehnejad A., Kanekanian A.(2011) Investigation on protective effect of glycomacropeptide against dental erosion using scanning electron microscopy, Second World Congress on Biotechnology, Philadelphia, USA, Oral presentation.
  • Setarehnejad A, Making soft drinks kinder to teeth (2009) at EFFOST conference, Hungry. Awarded best poster prize. 
  • Setarehnejad. A, Protective effect of GMP and its fractions against dental erosion (2009) at 6TH NIZO dairy conference, The Netherlands
  • Setarehnejad. A, The assessment of protective effect of Glycomacropeptid (GMP) on Dental erosion at different concentrations and exposure times (2008) at First European Food Congress, Slovenia  
  • Setarehnejad A, The inhibitory effect of Glycomacropeptde (GMP) on dental erosion (2008) at First International Symposium on Minerals & Dairy Products, France 

For more conference contributions, please see here