Dr James Ledo

James Ledo

Dr James Ledo       
Lecturer in Food Science and Technology
Email: jledo@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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My role at the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre

I work closely with the team at the Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University to advance research and innovation in the areas of food safety and quality management. 

I lecture in several modules in the food science and technology programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels namely: crisis management, global food safety, food safety management; and food quality, composition, and labelling. 

My research interest is mainly focused on the use of multi-disciplinary approaches in food quality and safety management to mitigate foodborne pathogens and understand the dynamics of food handling practices, food fraud, and waste in the food chain. In these pursuits, I develop diagnostic tools, based on international and national standards, to unravel the dynamics of the socio-technical system and how they affect food safety and food integrity of specific foods.

Previous Experience

I previously worked as a Nutrition Advisor/Dietician in Hospitals for three years in Ghana. Then I went for further studies in the Netherlands where I completed my MSc and Ph.D. in food quality and safety management by conducting field research in Zimbabwe and Tanzania respectively.  

  • As a researcher at Wageningen University, I worked on finding approaches to improve milk quality and safety in emerging dairy chains. I worked within a consortium of business and research partners from Tanzania, Kenya, and the Netherlands. My work involved research, student supervision, and industry stakeholder engagements. 
  • After that, I worked briefly as a consultant for Agriterra (a Dutch Agricultural Cooperative Organisation) in Ghana which involved developing a strategy document for their operation in Ghana and led collaborations with external projects. 
  • I joined CSIR-Food Research institute as a food safety scientist. I provided food safety consulting services to SMEs to strengthen their control and assurance systems, trained them on HACCP, and contributed to research to find mitigating strategies for food safety hazards in small-scale food business operations. 

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • Ph.D. in Food quality and safety management (Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands)
  • MSc in Food quality and safety management (Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands)
  • MSc in Dietetics (University of Ghana)
  • BSc in Nutrition and Biochemistry (University of Ghana)
  • Member, Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Member, International Association of Food Protection

Journals and Publications

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