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Professor Arthur Tatham

Arthur Tatham

Arthur Tatham     
Professor in Food Science and Nutrition
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My role at the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre

I act as a consultant to the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre working with companies where my expertise can be applied. For example, I have worked with breweries, dairies, tree and ground nut processors, soft and alcoholic drink manufacturers and ‘free-from’ (allergen reduced) foods.

Previous Experience

1982 - 1990 Rothamsted Experimental Station: Senior Scientific Officer.

I developed programmes researching the structure and function of cereal proteins, particularly in relation to bread making quality in wheat and malting quality in barley. I developed an interest in oilseed crops in relation to oil quality and the storage of oil in oil bodies. I carried out collaborative work with other UK research institutes and universities and internationally on aspects of cereal chemistry, notably INRA (France) and CSIRO (Australia). I worked with industry as a consultant and on industrially funded projects.

1990 - 2002 Long Ashton Research Station/University of Bristol: Principal Scientific Officer/Senior Research Fellow.

I was seconded to the University of Bristol and developed collaborative work with the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. I developed an interest in cereal related diseases, bakers’ asthma and coeliac disease and have collaborated both nationally and internationally. In Physics I collaborated with a group using atomic force microscopies to probe the molecular structures of cereal proteins, starch and oil bodies. I have supervised a number of PhD students.

2003 - 2005 DSTL Porton Down: Team Leader Biomedical Countermeasures to Biological Threats.

2005- Cardiff Metropolitan University: Professor in Food Science and Nutrition.

I contribute to teaching in food chemistry and biochemistry, processing technologies, biotechnology, food raw material quality and research methods. My research is mainly concerned with coeliac disease and aspects of cereal and oil seed chemistry. I work closely with the ZERO2FIVE FIC providing expertise in the area of cereals, oils and oil seeds, coeliac disease and food allergy, hydrocolloids and general food chemistry issues.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

BSc Biological Chemistry (1979) University of Essex

MBA Masters in Business Administration (2001) Open University

PhD Chemistry (1983) University of Essex

DSc Agricultural Sciences (2004) University of Bristol

FRSC Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Member and Ex-Chair of Food Group)

Journals and Publications

Selected Publications:

Nicholas R, Dunton P, Tatham AS & Fielding LM (2013)
The effect of ozone and open air factor on surface attached and biofilm environmental Listeria monocytogenes.
J Applied Micro. 115:555-564.

Wilkin JD, Ashton IP, Fielding LM & Tatham AS (2014)
Storage stability of whole and nibbed, conventional and high oleic peanuts (Arachis hypogea).
Food Bioprocess Technol. 7:105-113.

Shewry PR & Tatham AS (2016)
Wheat breeding to eliminate coeliac causing epitopes but maintain functionality.
J Cereal Sci. 67:12-21