Insights from ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre


Christmas Dinner ​ Christmas 2023: Trends for Food and Drink Manufacturers
Jake Stacey,​ Sales and Marketing Affiliate​
Handwashing ​ Why competitor benchmarking and trend research should be a key part of your product development process
Sarah Robson, Senior Food Technologist and Ed Gilbert, Marketing Officer​
Handwashing Developing a positive food safety culture
Jess Lacey, Technical Manager
dog being fed Raw meat for pets – here’s how to do it safely
Veronika Bulochova, Academic Associate (PhD)
jars of pickles Home canning: TikTok made me do it
Emma Samuel, KESS2 Academic Associate (PhD)
# Raw milk: the benefits are unclear but the dangers are real
Dr James Blaxland, Lecturer in Microbiology and Dr Vitti Allender, Senior Lecturer
# SALSA Issue 5
Helen Taylor, Technical Director
# How our sense of taste changes as we age
Dr Ruth Fairchild, Senior Lecturer and Dr Anita Setarehnejad, Lecturer
# Four tips for safely cooking and keeping your Christmas turkey
Dr Ellen Evans, Research Fellow and Bethan Rowlands, Food Technologist
# Free-from foods - not just a lifestyle statement
Martin Sutherland, Commercial and Marketing Director
# Making the most of celebration days
Ed Gilbert, Marketing Executive
#Home of the Organic revolution - Aberystwyth?
Martin Sutherland, Commercial and Marketing Director
#Raw Milk and Me
Dr Ellen W. Evans, Research Fellow
# Knowledge is power
Jamie Old, Marketing Executive
#Don't give up your day job just yet
Martin Sutherland, Commercial and Marketing Director
# You need to get out more
Martin Sutherland, Commercial and Marketing Director