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EU-METALIC II road show Morocco Edition

The EU-METALIC II Erasmus Mundus project, which is coordinated by Cardiff Metropolitan University, secured an additional half a million Euros worth of funding for a Morocco Edition. This has resulted in a new call for the project to include Moroccan only applicants.  

In order to promote the opportunities available Cardiff Met, as the project coordinator, led the EU-METALIC II Morocco Edition road show, in Morocco between 16-19 March, which was supported by co-coordinators, Superior Institutions for Science and Technology (SIST). Other universities from the EU-METALIC II consortium also took part in the road show to promote the opportunities there are for Moroccan applicants. Participating universities included: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, University of Bordeaux, France, and Zagreb University, Croatia.

The road show team visited Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, University Hassan I in Settat, University Hassan II in Casablanca, and Mohammed V University in Rabat, and reached between 450-500 students and staff across levels in person. University orientation sessions, presentations on project and application processes, and Q&A sessions with students took place.

The great success of the road show was confirmed by attendees who provided valuable feedback and evaluated the road show. Regarding how successfully event information was communicated, the majority of students rated it from 'very good' to 'excellent.' The content of the presentations from our five representatives was also rated for the greater part as 'very good' and consequently attendees said they left the event feeling very much more informed about the project. Attendees rated the overall evaluation of the event as 'very good' or 'excellent' and left comments thanking the project team for organising the event and coming to visit them in their area.

Results for the Morocco Edition call for applications will be issued in spring. To find out more about EU-METALIC II and to apply, please visit: eu-metalic2.eu