Social Events

Does the International Office provide a Social Programme for their Students?

The answer to this is YES! We have a busy social calendar and we will be giving you the opportunity to join in with a number of activities. During the academic year, we will hold social evenings and parties, and the first one we will be inviting you to will be a welcome party held during the beginning of the first term in October and February. Here you to will have the opportunity to meet other international students and get to know the International Office staff. In February/March we also hold our ever growing Global Week which is a celebration of cultural diversity on campus. 

We also run a series of excursions throughout the year which will give you the opportunity to explore Wales and experience its rich cultural heritage, see its beautiful coastline and countryside as well as enjoy its market towns and historic landmarks. You will also have the chance to visit other parts of the UK with city tours to places such as London and Bath. All of these events are very popular and are an excellent way to make new friends and have fun.

How do I find out about the social programme?

You will be given information about forthcoming events in your welcome pack when you arrive at the university. All upcoming events and news will also be displayed on the Cardiff Metropolitan University ​Facebook Page. The welfare team will also have access to your email addresses so you will receive regular email bulletins too.

How can I get involved in other activities within the university?

In addition to the social events which are arranged for students by the International Office, Cardiff Met’s Students’ Union also organises events which you may be interested in. Every student who is enrolled at Cardiff Met is automatically a member of Cardiff Met’s Students’ Union (SU).

The SU provides a range of social, sporting and cultural opportunities for its members, whether through its commercial operations on each campus or through the societies and activities that are financed by the Union, or through the clubs and the Athletic Union. There are a number of societies at Cardiff Met. If you would like some further information about what societies Cardiff Met has to offer and for some information about how to join societies, please visit the Student Union webpage or email

I am interested in playing sport at university. Is this possible?

The Athletic Union administers all the sports clubs at Cardiff Met. Students from every school are entitled to compete and play for Cardiff Met. Whether in a team or as an individual, the support is available for all students to compete on behalf of Cardiff Met.

Many of our high profile teams play in both the British Universities and National League competitions. The Athletic Union also provides Campus Sport for those students who want to play sport, get fit and have fun without the pressure of high league competitions.

What if I can't find a suitable Student's Union society to join?

If the current societies at Cardiff Met do not interest you, why not form your own society? The Students’ Union webpage will be able to advise you on the procedure you will need to follow.