121 Tutorials

One-to-one appointments

Who should attend?

Individual tutorials are for international students of all levels. Many of our students are doing well but book tutorials to maximise their potential and do even better. Other students might find studying in the UK challenging and need help in certain areas such as essay writing, referencing or presenting in front of an audience.

What happens in tutorials?

It will be a short meeting of about 45 minutes initially. We will have a friendly chat about any academic challenges that you are facing. We will offer you some practical tips and advice to help you improve your academic writing, assignment preparation or anything else related to your academic skills. You might just need one tutorial or you might want to come and see us on a regular basis. Each tutorial is designed around your individual needs, our aim is simply to help and support all our international students no matter what level or needs they have.

How to book a tutorial?

Book your tutorial via our online booking system now