DREAM - Dynamizing Research and Education for All through Mobility in ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries).

This project is coordinated by the University of Porto, Portugal, and is co-coordinated by University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago. DREAM is made up of 20 partners: 8 EU, 9 African 1 Caribbean, 2 Pacific, and 1 USP; covering 6 EU, 9 African, 11 Caribbean and 12 Pacific countries (38 in total).

EU partners offer a high quality and diversified course catalogue in all thematic needs. DREAM have enriched the partnership and promoted the exchange of best practices by inviting HEIs that have never participated in Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects. Emphasis will be given to education and teacher training, medical sciences, engineering and technology, applied sciences and informatics, agriculture, natural and social sciences and management, defined as priority areas by the countries’ strategy papers and also by our ACP partners.

To find out more about DREAM, visit the project website: http://dream.up.pt/ and download the DREAM document.