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Events Calendar




12-15th May, Kick Off Meeting, UK

13th-15th September, University Presidents Meeting, Greece

20th-25th October, scoping visit, Tunisia

10th-13th November, monitoring Visit, Lebanon 

5th-9th December, scoping visit, Morocco

6th-9th December, scoping visit, Egypt​


26th-31st March, Monitoring Visit, Lebanon

16th-18th June, Quality Assurance meeting and AROQAE, UK

11th-15th July, Womens Club Annual Meeting, Tunisia

18th-20th July, Steering Group Meeting, Italy

16th-18th November 2011, Consortium Meeting, Morocco



13th April, WHEEL semi meeting, Italy

8th-10th May, Network of Presidents Meeting, Greece

5th-9th June, launch of Leadership Centres, Lebanon

16th-18th July, WHEEL meeting, UK

1st November, E Modules Meeting, Italy​



17th January, Steering Committee meeting, UK

28th February, dissemination event, Lebanon

25th-27th March, launch of Leadership Centres, Egypt

23rd April, Final Network of Presidents meeting, Jordan

13th June, dissemination event, UK

29th-29th June 2013, Network of University Presidents, Greece

1st-2nd July 2013, Final WHEEL meeting, UK​​