Web Gaming International Week 2023

About the week​

You will spend the week designing and developing on-line gaming using a selection of design and programming tools. You will need some basic concepts in programming to begin with, but you will be shown the software you need to help you to develop a game of your design. You will also of course gain an insight into Cardiff via the organised trips that will make up your week with us. You will work together as a team with students from all over the world and present your findings.



£155 for the week which includes lunch and a farewell meal



You will need to book and pay for your own accommodation.  Support will be provided by Global Opportunities


How to apply

Applications to be submitted via the following Google form link.  Please make sure that you add your correct email as this will be the only email address that Global Opportunities will be using to make contact with you.

Application form - Web Gaming


18th February 2023 

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Web Gaming