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What Our Alumni Think

​Cardiff Metropolitan is a community that exists beyond the time when you graduate. We value our students and alumni, keeping in contact with as many of our former students as possible. As a potential student, it is very important to know what life is like here before you arrive and learning from other people's experiences is a very good way to find out this information. Here are just a few comments from our students:

Since arriving in Cardiff I have done many things for the first time and this could have been daunting but with the right help and guidance it has never been a problem.

The cycle routes are fantastic I now have my own bike which I use at the weekends, the University sports and fitness facilities are second to none and my local swimming pool is perfectly situated for me. In truth Cardiff is fantastic and I Love it!!!
Noor Al Mortadi (Jordan) PhD Dental Technology

A friend recommended the University to me because it has got an excellent reputation. The facilities are good and the teaching staff are very friendly and supportive which makes it easy to express yourself.
MA Ceramics Graduate, Hyo Jung (South Korea)

I was thrilled by the idea of living in such an amazing city whilst studying at such a fine University. Once I started the people at the studios were great, incredibly friendly and overall with a very buzzing energy, which is necessary for any Art School or any University.

I loved the studio spaces and the atmosphere at any part of the University or around Cardiff. It’s been great to get to know more about British culture and it’s traditions.
Diego Zelaya (Mexico) BA Fine Art

Choosing a university is a really tough decision. The most important factors are course reputation, the city, facilities provided, access to halal food/meat (for the muslims) and support from the university staff. At Cardiff Metropolitan University, everything is pretty much there and the facilities are amazing! As for the facilities, everything is amazing, they even have a really good prayer’s room with a proper ablution area and also, they serve halal foods in the canteen at affordable prices!
Mohammed Aziizan Abdullah (Brunei) BSc (Hons) Podiatry

The facilities at the University are excellent and the staff are very helpful to international students. I enjoy living in Cardiff; the Welsh people are so friendly and make me feel welcome.
MSc Coaching Science graduate, Hee Ho Kim (S.Korea)

Cardiff as a city is a great place to live, with things being cheaper than you would expect in a capital city that has all these amenities on offer. I have found the course program, the school and my lecturers to be world class and exceed all my expectations.
MSc Environmental Risk Management graduate - Edward Ebie (Nigeria)

The international student welfare team guided me throughout the journey. What ever help was possible from their side was provided. All my apprehensions, fears of coming to Cardiff and studying at Cardiff Met started to vanish. After stepping out of the bus at the campus I decided that the was one of the best decisions I made in life. So far its been an amazing journey at Cardiff Met and I am sure that it would remain throughout the course of stay here.
Aditya Rajgopal BA(Hons) International Business Administration

I am so proud to have been part of the excellent Cardiff Met. The International Welfare team especially shows so much care towards their International Students. If someone asks me Have you ever experienced very heartwarming service until now?, I will answer to them that I experienced it from the Cardiff Met’s International Welfare team.
Jaewoong Yun (James) MSc Management (S.Korea)

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