Lisa Newberry

Lisa Newberry


Organisation and position in organisation:

Assistant Director – Universities Wales

Year of graduation: 


How did you find out about the course? 

Good old Google. I knew what I wanted and explored many options via the internet.

What attracted you to the Cardiff Met Exec MBA? 

I was looking for an MBA that had a solid reputation in terms of quality and outcomes and one that fitted in with my lifestyle – working full time and studying part time would be challenge enough without having to undertake a wholesale lifestyle change to accommodate it. The fact that the course offered associate membership of the Chartered Managers Institute and you got to sail the Challenge Wales around the world yacht was a bonus!  

How did the course help you to grow and develop in your career and life? 

From a career point of view, it gave me more confidence – the underpinning theory and practical application of that theory was hugely useful to be able to take back into a work environment and identify the potential uses. From a personal point of view, it played into my ridiculously competitive streak. Not having studied since I left school, my aim was to finish the course but after receiving my first assignment back, my aim was to finish top… at everything! I pushed myself harder and further than I ever thought possible and the sense of satisfaction still makes me roll my eyes now!   

What top three things did you learn from the course?  

1: I actually loved the theory and this has carried on since finishing the course.

2: I can do and fit in so much more than I ever thought possible.

3: You are never too old to jump back into learning and there is something so much more fulfilling about accomplishing and completing something as big as an MBA when you have more life experience – I appreciated the challenge so much more and that sense of achievement has had a positive impact on how I tackle tough situations in work.  

What is the best piece of advice you can give to anyone thinking of doing the Exec MBA at Cardiff Met?

Just do it! The time will fly by and it's good to push yourself every now and then!​