Wynford Compton

Wynford Compton


Organisation and position in organisation: 

SPTS Director of Global Spares​

About SPTS: 

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, is a leading supplier of etch and deposition process solutions and equipment for the global semiconductor and microelectronic device manufacturing industries.

SPTS provides advanced wafer processing solutions to the world's leading semiconductor device manufacturers and research institutions, and their end-market applications include Advanced Packaging, MEMS, high speed RF IC, power semiconductor devices and LED manufacturing.

Year of graduation: 


How did you find out about the course?

Another member of staff was doing it.  I was looking to do an MBA and had considered a number of courses.  The Cardiff Met Exec MBA  was well-suited to my needs.  The weekend aspect of it fitted in with my work, as it meant that I could do the course without having to take time off. 

What attracted you to the Cardiff Met Exec MBA? 

The fact that it was weekend course delivery was a major factor in my decision to undertake the Exec MBA.  I knew that I wanted to do an MBA but wasn't sure what it entailed.  I knew that the Exec MBA was an all-round business course and would give me the perspective I needed to move forward in my career. The cost of the course fitted with the company offered funding.

How did the course help you to grow and develop in your career and life?

For me, it was an essential stepping stone in order to enter upper level management.  It gave me the opportunity to become a director in the business – without the Exec MBA this would not have happened.  In addition it means SPTS will now get a return on its investment for funding me on the course so everyone benefitted from it.

I am now the Director of Global Spares for SPTS.  The plan when starting the course was to aspire to become the Director of Customer Support for Europe but the spares role is more global so has better potential!  It has enabled me to expand my experience and develop my CV so I have more experience of logistics functions.

In my personal life, the Exec MBA has enabled me to become more confident & involved in day to day management not necessarily on a work front.  For example, I now lead a Beaver Scout group, plan the term activities and run the accounts.  I also have more confidence and understanding what a good organisation is when looking to secure services or products.


What top three things did you learn from the course?

Accounting – analysing annual reports – due diligence.  Scrutinising other companies for example if you want to invest in them.

It helped me to learn that the business I am in is well run! Also the difference between a well-run business and one that has potential problems.  I leant how lucky I am to work in the business that I am in!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to anyone thinking of doing the Exec MBA at Cardiff Met?

Ensure you have the time to do it! It takes a while to adjust but it's one of the most rewarding things you can do if it fits in with your ambitions and career plan.  It is well worth doing!​