Liz Andrews

I’ve always been a great believer in study and relevant training, not only to enhance career opportunities, but also to expand my own knowledge and understanding. I am a Cardiff Met Alumnus through and through. I originally studied at UWIC as an undergraduate and later went on to complete a PGC in Sustainable Leadership. It was this course that really spurred me on to the EMBA. Cardiff Met is a very welcoming and inclusive environment, where students are supported to achieve. There is also a great understanding of the value of learning from your peers, networking and developing soft skills to succeed in business. The faculty understand business, as many of them have been practitioners.

The EMBA was a challenge, but then it should be. Classes are scheduled over a weekend, which means a long working week, however what you learn on a weekend can often be applied straight away to your working life. Tutors are experts in their field, however humble enough to consider your views and experiences, often using your own examples to demonstrate theory. Groups are small, which means that you can discuss theories and practice openly.

I’ve spoken to undergraduate students of my experiences and they often ask for tips to progress in their careers. My number one tip; know your numbers! My very simplistic way of saying that knowledge of accountancy and finance is incredibly valuable. The accountancy module delivered in the EMBA gave me a real confidence in finance. This was an area I understood previously, however the module increased my knowledge and understanding so that I could confidently interpret and communicate financial accounts.

I also enjoyed the Economic, Marketing, and Leadership modules.

All of the modules taught on the EMBA have been directly applicable to our working life, and to my next challenge of a Doctorate of Management. However PRINCE2 was a painful experience which to this day I have not applied to my work, other than to be able to confidently talk about PRINCE2 should such a conversation arise!

The course timetable is structured so that you can work at your own pace. I wanted to finish as quickly as possible, and so completed in 12 months, which was made possible because of the 60 credits I had earned with the PGC. This was a massive undertaking and looking back I probably should have taken my time.

Having an MBA is a great boost to your confidence, it has helped me to take the next step in my career and demonstrates that I have the capability to lead, in addition to the experience I have  developed over many years.