Work-Based Learning

​​​​​​​We live in a rapidly changing world of work, and now talk of a global economy and are having to come to terms with the effect of recent financial crises which have caused recessions and unemployment but at the same time have created new opportunities.


​​As we come out of recession and to ensure that we rebuild our economy, and move back towards full employment, we need to ensure those within the workforce have the right skills and ability to remain competitive within the new global marketplace.

There are two key aspects to this.  The first is to ensure that those graduating from Higher Education are equipped to quickly contribute to the success of the organisation they join.  Whilst at University, if a student is able to undertake practical work experience in addition to their classroom teaching, then they quickly gain valuable 'soft skills' which helps them to become more effective and more productive once they have entered the world of work.​

The Work Placement programme within the CSM has been designed to ensure that all undergraduates have the opportunity of work experience as part of their study programme.  This experience can be gained in the public, private or voluntary sectors either within the UK, the EU or other international destinations.

The Centre for Work Based Learning (CWBL) is a 'business to business' unit based at Cardiff Metropolitan University and is dedicated to bringing university education to the workplace. It focuses on developing the workforce through applied and practical learning solutions which can be bespoke to the needs and specifications of the employer.

The Centre aims to develop partnerships with businesses to provide valuable university level learning to their employees. The learning can be delivered in the workplace and can be based on individual's work based practices, experiences and knowledge, so that the learning is applied directly at work for the benefit of the learner and the organisation.

The Centre can design and accredit the learning for individuals and advise on progression into Higher Education. Using this approach to learning at a University level, the Centre aims to enhance individual performance in the work place to enable organisational development.

Some of our services include our Accreditation Service, Work Based Learning Foundation degrees, and Bespoke Short Courses and Work Based Learning programmes (including bite sized modules of HE credits). For more information, please see our website.

Further Details

Work Placement Programme
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FDA - Foundation Degree (arts) in Applied Professional Practice

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