Centre for Performance Analysis

​Since its inception in 1992, the Centre for Performance Analysis has strived through the rapid development of technology, to continue developing specialist resources and expertise. Set in the University environment of the Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences at Cardiff Metropolitan University, the CPA is part of the School's enterprise unit (InVEST) and is committed to academic, services and vocational excellence and the application of the principles of performance analysis.

Constantly searching for dynamic solutions, identifying new concepts and technology, the CPA strives to link and incubate new ideas, products and services in innovative ways. The CPA understands the diverse and varied nature of clients and endeavours to tailor bespoke solutions to complement and enhance working practice.

The CPA houses a world-class Performance Analysis Laboratory with analytical and video editing software, it is predominantly used as a teaching facility for students studying on the university's undergraduate courses and uniquely developed MSc Performance Analysis. Courses are designed to meet the growing demands for performance analysis, by preparing skilled and experienced analysts with sound scientific principles as bases for their work. Whilst studying, students are encouraged to undertake vocational experiences so that the student workforce is developed in the best way to meet the demands of potential employers.​