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Emergency funding

You should make sure you have enough money to cover all of your living expenses for each term you are studying at Cardiff Met. You can do this through good budgeting and money management. 

If you run out of money due to unforeseen circumstances you may be eligible to receive financial support for your living costs. You will be expected to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable measures to ensure you have enough money to last you until your next income payment (eg Student Finance instalments, wages from a job, etc).

If you are in urgent need of financial assistance you can consider the following options. 

Financial support over the Summer

Students are expected to have made plans to cover their financial costs over the summer period.

However, if you have experienced specific unforeseen circumstances that have left you in urgent financial need, you may be eligible for financial support through our Summer Support Fund.

We may be able to provide limited financial support if:
  • you have been the victim of crime or fraud
  • you have been the victim of a domestic disaster such as house fire or flood
  • you are fleeing domestic violence or abuse
  • you are at risk of immediate homelessness
  • you have suffered illness or injury causing financial loss
  • you have experienced a significant change in circumstances outside of your control

If you are in urgent financial need and meet any of these conditions, please contact us at

The Summer Support Fund is open from Tuesday 21 June - Friday 9 September 2022

International and EU students

If you are facing urgent financial hardship due to significant and unexpected circumstances, you may be eligible for emergency financial support through our 'International student support fund'.

You can apply for financial support if you:

  • have been the victim of crime or fraud (you must have a crime reference number)
  • are fleeing domestic violence or abuse
  • have suffered a domestic disaster in the UK such as house fire or flood

If any of these circumstances apply to you, contact us at to discuss your situation further.

We will also contact the Global Student Advisory Service to inform them of your circumstances so they may offer you some support.

Dyslexia assessment costs

If you have been advised to have a dyslexia assessment, but you are unable to cover the costs of this, you can apply for help.

To get started, complete our Dyslexia Screening Request form

Self-help resources

If you are struggling to manage your finances, we recommend you complete our financial awareness e-Module: 

Contact us

If you need to talk to someone about budgeting and debt, or the Student Support Fund, you can book an appointment:

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