Collaborative Partners



​A web page to support and inform Collaborative Partners about the VLE transition to Moodle has been created.  Please click here​ to access this page.

A Moodle module has also been developed to provide a resource to support your development in Learning, teaching and assessment practices.

This resource is open to all Cardiff Metropolitan University Staff but has specifically designed to enable collaborative partners to engage in the learning and teaching community.

As such we have put together a number of resources, both interactive and static, which will enable you to reflect on your practice and benefit from suggestions to enhance the student experience. We have also identified a number of common challenges that staff face both in terms of their day to day teaching and assessment and secondly in their use of technology to enhance learning. These will be framed as Frequently Asked Questions, and will be subdivided for ease of reference.

There are also a number of resources available to you on this website including technology enhanced learning and programme design guidance, curriculum design themes and learner experience examples.

Please click here​ to go to the Moodle Module (you may need to log-in and self-enroll)