Students as Partners

Students As Partners



QED are involved in a range of activities that involve the collection and evaluation of feedback from staff and students to enhance the student learning experience, inform strategy and promote student retention.
We use this feedback to inform projects and develop programmes across the university. Through these enhancements, we have developed a way of working with students as partners, not just as evaluators of their learning.
Working with students in curriculum design, student experience and employability can be very successful.  The student experience can be impacted upon by a number of different factors across the university.  The diagram above (please click image for large PDF) highlights when in the student lifecycle different parts of the university play a vital role in the student experience.​

The Quality Enhancement Process
The Quality Enhancement process has been developed as a way of best utilising the data and feedback we receive from students as well as enhancing the student experience as a result.  The process includes the collection and analysis of data which then informs areas for enhancement and development, working with students to tailor the enhancement to their needs and their programme.   Please click here to view the Quality Enhancement Process flow diagram.
Each year the Student Experience team collate and disseminate the results of the surveys to all Schools.  Results from internal student satisfaction surveys are also disseminated via papers to the University's relevant committees and boards.

Surveys and data collection are the initial step in the quality enhancement process.  We collect data from a range of sources and use the outcomes to inform either further discussion or to develop projects and programmes.  We are involved in a number of surveys, both internal and external.  Please click here​ to learn more about our survey activities.

Student-led Teaching Fellowships
Cardiff Met's Student-led teaching fellowships, launched in 2011/2012, provide students with the opportunity to recognise and reward good teaching practice. QED in partnership with the Students' Union identified a number of criteria under which students could provide evidence-based nominations for a member of staff in their school.  Winners are selected based on nominations and the quality of the evidence provided with the nomination.  For more information, please click the below links:

Student-led teaching fellowships 2017/18

Student-led teaching fellowships 2016/17

Student-led teaching fellowships 2015/16

The Fellowships are also awarded to a member of staff from our partner institution London School of Commerce, for Excellence in Teaching.

Partnership Projects
Purposeful Partnerships - at Cardiff Metropolitan University we believe that students are not simply passive recipients of their learning, but should instead be active partners in the education process.  We have put together a publication outlining the partnership work being undertaken in the university to enhance the student experience.  An online version of the publication can be found by clicking here 

Future Directions - Students as Partners is one strand of the Future Directions initiative and is exploring different perspectives of students as partners, sharing best practice, and discussing models of innovation for future development.  Through this strand we have provided examples of best practice and testimonies from those members of staff and students involved in partnership work.  For more information, please click here (Cardiff Met staff only)
One of our students involved in the Students as Partners work, Amanda Evans, received the regional award as Student Employee of the Year​ (SEOTY) from the National Association of Student Employment Services

Peer Learning NetworksQED funded a number of peer learning communities in the form of online networks to enhance the student experience. The aim of the networks is to support students in their learning experience by providing a place for students to discuss their studies, provide links to advice regarding university life and their personal development. The networks are run by students for students and all have a different point of focus.   Further information on the Peer Learning Networks can be found by clicking here​ (Cardiff Met staff only)

To view the Met Voice Booklet, please click here

Publications & Conferences

  • Surveys for enhancement conference 2014 - 'Students as Partners in the Quality Enhancement Process: The use of surveys as a stepping stone to action & intervention' (Nicola Poole & Sophie Leslie) - Birmingham, 4th June 2014
  • HEIR 2014 – 'Development of a Quality Enhancement Process: The use of surveys as a stepping stone to action and intervention' (Nicola Poole & Sophie Leslie) - Oxford Brookes University, 8th & 9th September 2014
  • HEA Annual Conference 2013 – 'SALTSOC a student designed online peer network – a journey from induction to PDP and beyond' (Nicola Poole & Sophie Leslie)  – Warwick University, 3rd & 4th July 2013​
  • PTES 2014 Dissemination Web​inarOnline, 22nd October 2014
  • Future Directions Conference 2014Aberystwyth University, 2nd & 3rd April 2014
  • Future Directions Conference 2012Glyndwr University, 26th April 2012

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