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Student Printing

Every student card will automatically work on the printers throughout the University, and you can print, copy and scan straight away. We've designed it to be as simple as possible but here's a quick guide to the things you can do:

Student Print User Guide.jpg


Staff Printing

This handy guide is ideal for anyone new to the shared print service that we maintain across the campuses. It'll help you get set-up properly as a new member of staff and is full of tips when printing, copying or scanning on these feature packed devices. We'd advise saving a few trees and saving a copy of the PDF somewhere local, but if you want a printed copy just let us know!

Guide to printing, copying and scanning


What to do if the printer says 'load paper'

Sometimes the self-service printers will ask for paper despite being full!
This happens when someone prints using an unusual size. To clear the error and get on with your work please keep this quick guide handy:

Guide to 'Load Paper' Messages


How to create a cut path for stickers

Our vinyl printer can also cut out complex shapes. If you want to cut out lettering or create a custom shaped sticker please take a look at this guide:

Vinyl Guide


How do I set up flyers?

We print the majority of our work on larger sheets and then cut them down to give a glossy, borderless print.
This does require a certain type of file to give the desired results. Click the link below for some help getting your artwork ready for print:

How do I set up my artwork for professional flyers?