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Incoming Students:


Abroad and insurance
When you go abroad you have to arrange a few important aspects, like insurances. Please read this text carefully so you know where you should pay attention to.

Already have insurance

Please note that regular insurances like a regular travel insurance doesn't provide coverage for study trips in most cases. Also they only provide coverage for a limited period abroad. And a national health insurance doesn't always provide complete coverage for your medical costs when you're abroad.

What insurance should I take?

Most important coverages you need when you go abroad are medical costs, liability (for when you damage someone his property) and repatriation (when you need to come home after an accident for example). If you like you can also get an insurance for your luggage.

Do I have to arrange all of this myself?

You could search for a company that provide these insurances. However we found a partner that provides a complete student package that includes all of these coverages and more. You can calculate your premium and apply online for the insurance at


Contact Details

If you have questions about insurances you can contact our partner Studentsinsured. You can reach them at:



T: +3170 302 85 98

Download Students Insured Flyer.

Outgoing Students:

Recognising Prior Learning (RPL)

Students undertaken a study exchange may count towards your programme of study. Further information regarding this can be found on the below link