Sports Injury Research Group

SiRG Research Aims

The Group aims to provide world-leading injury prevention and management, research, systems and services. The SiRG conducts injury surveillance projects aimed at identifying priority injury problems and associated risk factors across a variety of sports. This knowledge is vital for the production and implementation of effective injury prevention programmes.


Other SiRG research areas include:

Mechanisms for lower limb injuries

Mechanics and neuromuscular characteristics of locomotion

Lower back injuries in cricketers

Throwing arm related shoulder pain

Effective management of sports concussion


Current partners and areas of research:

Welsh Rugby Union (WRU)

The SiRG has been working with the WRU since 2011, conducting injury surveillance for both the National and four Regional teams. The SiRG provides yearly reports for each team, analysing all the injuries that occur throughout the season, as well as those that occur to players during international campaigns. Our aim is to provide bespoke injury prevention strategies, which focus on the priority injury problems for each team.

The SiRG is collaborating on several WRU research projects including an investigation into the association between neck injury and neck and shoulder strength, and a study into effective management of concussion.


England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

The SiRG provides injury surveillance services to the ECB to identify key injury priorities within International and First Class County Cricket. 


International Cricket Council (ICC)

As well a the SiRG provision of injury surveillance services to the ICC, Dr Ranson also leads an ICC cricket helmet safety project that has recently lead to publication of a new British Standard for Head Protectors in Cricket.


Staff Profiles

Dr Craig Ranson

Dr Ranson is lead clinician of the Cardiff Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre (CSEMC), lead researcher of the SiRG and Programme Director of the Cardiff Met MSc Sports & Exercise Medicine. He is a Senior Physiotherapist with the Wales Rugby Team and former Lead Physiotherapist for for UK Athletics and the ECB.  View full profile.


Dr. Isabel Moore

Dr Moore is the Sports Injury Research Officer for the SiRG. She has experience of performing clinical running gait analysis with elite athletes involved in triathlons and rugby.  View full profile.


2014 Conference Presentations


Ranson, C. Conservative management of sporting shoulder injuries. Football Medicine Strategies 2014, Milan.

Ranson, C. Hip and groin pain in running athletes. Running Conference 2014, Kettering.

Moore, I. S. Shod and barefoot running: Implications for economy and injury risk. Running Conference 2014, Kettering.

Moore, I. S. Preliminary injury surveillance overview: County Cricket 2013. ECB Sports Medicine Conference 2013.

Moore, I. S. Pursuit of improved running performance: Can changes in cushioning and proprioception influence running economy and injury risk? Footwear Biomechanics Symposium 2013, Natal.


Forthcoming conferences:

Moore, I. S. WRU injury surveillance project. WRU Sports Medicine Conference 2014, Cardiff.

Four abstracts being presented at IOC injury prevention conference 2014, Monaco.

Ranson, C. Are sports injury prevention strategies effective? Bath University Sports Medicine Conference June 2014, Bath.

Ranson, C. Injury Risk Management in International Sport. UK Strength & Conditioning Conference July 2014, Warwick.