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Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement

Lecturer in class with student in foreground

Cardiff Met provides an innovative educational environment that supports students to achieve their personal and professional ambition, by identifying and linking their learning from both curricular and co-curricular activities. Our university is a learning community connected by an approach that emphasises interdisciplinary problem-solving.

We will build on the achievements and approach of our last strategy, supporting student wellbeing, digitalisation, equity and sustainability. We will link curricular and co-curricular spaces and activities to support student success. Our focus will be on multiple modes and qualifications, working with a range of partners to ensure we deliver for our students, the community, business and industry.

Our students’ wellbeing is at the forefront of all that we do. Embracing and extending diversity benefits our whole community and we seek to extend these benefits both through our individual activity and by working in partnership with business, government and other educational providers to develop our learning, teaching and student engagement.

We will:

  • Enable our students to meet 21st century challenges with entrepreneurial flair.

  • Design learning and teaching experiences and spaces within repurposed campuses to ensure that our students develop a sense of belonging that supports the achievement of their personal ambition and recognised graduate outcomes.

  • Ensure our existing Cardiff Met EDGE initiative (Ethical, Digital, Global and Entrepreneurial) is honed for the future and will focus on engaging by developing the concepts of digitalisation, globalisation, inclusivity and sustainability.

  • Support greater inclusion in education by extending learning opportunities beyond our traditional undergraduate and postgraduate offer thus increasing access, short courses, degree apprenticeships and micro-credentials, including through the medium of Welsh and via transnational education.