Research & Innovation

Person holding HUG artefact
Transforming the life quality of people with advanced dementia – and their carers – with a HUG™ now prescribed on the NHS.

​Our largest ever Research Excellence Framework (2021) submission will be used as a foundation to intensify research and innovation engagement, income, outputs and impact across our entire academic portfolio, increasing staff with significant responsibility for research from 30% to 50%. We will leverage this critical mass and our Global Academies to develop high-value international partnerships and an open data culture. We will work regionally, nationally, and internationally to support Welsh and UK government initiatives and achieve the goals required to ensure the wellbeing of future generations and post-pandemic economic recovery within a fairer and greener economy that delivers sustainable development.

Our focus will be to continue to cultivate our research and innovation portfolio by building capacity, enhancing our research environment, improving the intensity, reach and impact of our research and innovation outputs, and developing high value national and international partnerships for research and innovation.

We will:

  • Be entrepreneurial, with innovation activities encompassing intellectual capital and outputs delivered for wider civic good. The creation of spinouts, social enterprises and graduate start-up businesses will be embedded in our day-to-day activities.

  • Engage with Cardiff Capital Region to develop regional CPD in areas such as Low Carbon Futures, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Invest in our Postgraduate, Post-Doctoral and Early Career Researchers to develop a ‘stairway to excellence’ for research careers, developing our Doctoral Academy to deliver inclusive and structured PGR support to become known for pushing the boundaries of what a doctorate can be.

  • Strengthen our Global Academies by collaborating nationally and internationally to increase publications, citations impact, reach and reputation.

  • Make our support for research and innovation infrastructure visible and accessible, occupying prime campus locations.