Our Values

Close-up of Cardiff Met crest on building

Our high-performance culture is steered by our compassionate leadership underpinned by clear values. Our values provide a moral compass that guides the institution, bringing out the best in our students and staff. Compassionate leadership is about listening, leading, coaching and supporting all members of our community to achieve their full potential thus enabling us to achieve our ambitions aligned to our values.

We are committed to social, economic and environmental responsibility. Our education, research and innovation deliver positive impacts for equality, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our values of creativity, innovation, inclusivity and trust, supported by our behaviours of leadership, courage, accountability and agility are underpinned by the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy which guide us as we collaborate across the globe.

Recognising the intersectionality of factors that exclude from education and the benefits and impacts of education, we will continue to tackle discrimination. We will continue to break down cultural barriers, making our community more inclusive and representative of those we seek to serve. We will develop our people to reflect our diverse communities, investing in building the skills and attributes needed to work equitably with individuals and groups of all backgrounds in Wales, the UK and globally.