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Applied Psychology

Research in the department of Applied Psychology focuses on questions that will make a real difference to peoples' everyday lives. A key concern is to understand the underpinning psychology of behaviour change, aiming to effect positive change through applied research. Our research is concerned with understanding and promoting human wellbeing. This can be applied to a range of behaviours such as: patient adherence to medication; effective and safe prescribing by clinical practitioners; health and wellbeing​ practices in the workplace; substance use; exercise and eating well, as well as other public lifestyle behaviours.

Our research is concerned with individual and social change. Within forensic settings, research has explored factors relating to offending behaviours, considering causal factors in crime and issues of mental health and treatment effectiveness. Research into our practice as educators has examined student perceptions of their academic confidence and looked at issues of student retention, wellbeing and experiences in the changing landscape of higher education. Our research also focuses on the underlying process of human thought and action. Studies have examined the effects of visual and auditory distractions as well as the role of emotion in decision-making processes.

Research Groups

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Key Contacts in Applied Psychology 

Dr Caroline Limbert, Reader in Health and Occupational Psychology (Health Psychology)

Dr Nick PerhamLecturer in Applied Psychology (Cognitive Psychology)

Dr Nic Bowes, Forensic Psychologist and Senior Lecturer (Forensic Psychology)

Dr Clare GlennanLecturer in Psychology (Research in Student Experience)