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Health Sciences Research

Research is focused into three main themes: Food, Nutrition and Health; Cardiovascular Health and Ageing; and Health and Risk Management. These each comprise specialist research groups that undertake research across the full spectrum of investigation, from molecular science to health and wellbeing. Our research has a strong applied base and has active research programmes in several allied health professions. It is home to the Welsh Centre for Podiatry, the Food Industry Centre and Public Health Wales. We have state-of-the-art Biomedical Research laboratories, a Clinical Physiology Suite comprehensive food safety and nutrition research facilities and a Postgraduate Centre. Additionally, our psychology research space includes a specialist room for running focus groups and interviewing, a computing laboratory for testing small groups and an observation suite.


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Postgraduate Research Degree Students

The school has a vibrant postgraduate research community, with around 50 students enrolled on various pathways including: MPhil, PhD, Professional Doctorate and Taught Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. Click here to see the programme from the 2017 Postgraduate Research Conference.


​​Key Contacts and Staff

Professor Phillip James
Professor Phillip James
Associate Dean of Research
Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis
Research and Enterprise Support Manager
Peter Sykes
Dr Peter Sykes
Associate Dean of Enterprise
Dr Andy Watt
Dr Delyth James
Principle Lecturer, Health Psychology (REF Co-ordinator, Health Sciences)