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For over 25 years, Juvela have been committed to crafting specialised gluten free foods for individuals diagnosed with coeliac disease. At their exclusively gluten-free bakery in Pontypool, they take pride in their ability to produce loaves and rolls that accurately mimic the taste and texture of traditional "real bread", thanks to their quality and distinct gluten free recipes.

In the competitive world of new product development, ensuring the design of accurate and effective recipes for trial is critical for success. Juvela’s NPD team recognised the importance of developing a tool that could streamline their recipe development process, bringing speed and precision to product trials and minimising time and raw material wastage, which could ultimately impact the company’s bottom line. 

Considering the complexity of recipe development and the numerous variables involved, Juvela needed a comprehensive tool that would cater to its specific needs. Therefore, they reached out to the Waste Reduction team at ZERO2FIVE for support with generating and implementing a recipe development tool that would minimise the margin for error and increase the success rate of new product trials.


Support from ZERO2FIVE

ZERO2FIVE worked with Juvela to develop a bespoke NPD recipe tool that would enable the development of accurate and standardised recipes, ensuring consistency across product trials and more reliable trial outcomes. Additionally, the model allowed for real-time adjustments and simulations, enabling recipes to be quickly refined based on trial results, thereby reducing the need for repeated trials and minimising the waste of raw materials.

The Waste Reduction team at ZERO2FIVE worked closely with Juvela to understand their products, recipes and the route of their current NPD process. This enabled them to work collaboratively with​ Juvela’s NPD team to build a simple yet powerful tool that could deliver accurate and specific recipes, incorporating raw material costs and projected operational losses.

Once this work was completed, ZERO2IVE worked closely with Juvela to test the tool with various products and scenarios to ensure it delivered exactly as the NPD team needed. 

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Benefits of the support

ZERO2FIVE's recipe development tool has been key in improving the effectiveness and accuracy of Juvela’s NPD trials. It has also led to significant reductions in wasted time and raw materials. 

This work has also been undertaken with the view that it can be built upon to further develop accuracy around new product development, driving further waste reduction through a better understanding of the current areas in need of improvement.

Nathan Hodges, New Product Development Manager, Juvela:

“When I initially contacted the Waste Reduction team at ZERO2FIVE I wasn’t confident they would be able to help as we needed something quite bespoke. However, through their diverse knowledge of product process, and understanding of how food operations work, they have provided a recipe tool that perfectly fits what we needed.

“Through sharing their knowledge and expertise, we now have a system that not only saves us time but also reduces wasted raw materials, something that is critical in food production and NPD.  

​“Working so closely with ZERO2FIVE on this project has been great. They have been so professional in their approach, and this has resulted in something that works so well and is completely in line with what we wanted to achieve at the outset. I would highly recommend working with the Waste Reduction team and I am looking forward to working with them again on future collaborations very soon.”

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