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Peak Supps - Case Study


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Founded in 2014, Peak Supps is a sports supplement and nutrition company based in Bridgend. The family run business produces a range of supplements, vitamins, minerals, and food and drink products, which are sold directly through the company’s online store as well as on Amazon. 

Peak Supps’ research and development team is consistently looking to launch innovative new products and blends and a number of their products are plant-based or organic. 

ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre has been supporting Peak Supps since 2019, when they were first helped to secure SALSA food safety certification. 

One of the biggest food safety certification schemes in the UK, SALSA is targeted towards smaller food producers and processors. Approved suppliers must demonstrate that they operate to standards that are recognised and accepted across the industry and exceed the minimum standards expected by enforcement authorities.


Support from ZERO2FIVE

With the launch of SALSA Issue 6 in 2022, Peak Supps contacted ZERO2FIVE to help them bring their food safety management systems in line with the requirements of the new issue of the standard. 

A ZERO2FIVE technologist carried out a Gap Analysis of Peak Supps’ food safety management systems to identify any areas which needed updating to meet the needs of SALSA Issue 6. ZERO2FIVE provided mentoring in the relevant areas of the standard, including allergen management, site and food security and a HACCP review. 

Nick Cook, Operations Manager of Peak Supps, said: “ZERO2FIVE supported us in writing our quality manual in line with the requirements of SALSA. Broken down over multiple visits, each chapter was then written and reviewed at the following meeting. This step-by-step approach made it easy for us to understand and construct the necessary procedures and surrounding documentation.”

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Peak Supps successfully passed their SALSA Issue 6 audit in 2022 and received support again from ZERO2FIVE in 2023 to help them prepare for their next annual audit.  ZERO2FIVE carried out an internal audit of the company’s food safety management systems against the requirements of SALSA and as a result, minor improvements were recommended.

Peak Supps passed their annual SALSA audit in November 2023 with no non-conformances and only a few minor improvements were recommended for the following year.

Nick Cook, said: “The continued support from ZERO2FIVE for annual reviews of our system, challenges us to constantly improve and grow with our expansion, whilst also keeping us up to date with industry and legislative developments.”

Benefits​ of the support

Being able to display SALSA certification on their website, enables Peak Supps to provide their customers with confidence that their products are safe and trustworthy. 

Nick Cook, Peak Supps, said: “ZERO2FIVE’s expertise took the guesswork out of trying to understand the exact requirements needed to pass the SALSA standard. This has resulted in a robust food safety management system that continues to deliver for the business. The system has also been used to achieve Soil Association certification and for Trading Standards visits. ZERO2FIVE’s team are very knowledgeable across a spectrum of food businesses and can therefore adapt this experience to fit your needs and also define what the gold standard should be.”

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